by IndiaspireLLCD.B.A.eindiastore.com
Tis the season to indulge-and there is nothing better than a basket of holiday delights. This basket is filled with Godiva milk chocolate truffles, mozzarella cheese swirls, sea salt olive oil crackers, garlic herb cheese spread, chocolate chip cookies, Truffettes truffles, chocolate covered gingerbread cookie, English tea, peppermint candy, Brown & Haley chocolate graham cracker, butterscotch, Bavarian pretzels and Napa Valley Mustard Company honey mustard dipping sauce, peanut brittle, almond tea cookies and Italian milk chocolate pralines. Gift Size: 18"" x 11"" x 10"" It includes:
Truffettes de France Cocoa Dusted Truffles (5pc)
Brown & Haley Choc. Covered Graham Cracker (1pc)
Godiva Milk Choc. Truffles (2pc)
Lambertz Milk Choc. Covered Gingerbread Cookie (0.74oz)
Rovelli Crema al Latte Pralines (2pc)
Hammond's Peanut Brittle (8oz)
King Leo Mint Puffs (6pc)
Bavarian Pretzels (2oz)
Nonni's Mozzarella Cheese Swirls (3oz)
Napa Valley Dipping Honey Mustard (9oz)
Sonoma Jacks Cheese Wedges Garlic & Herb (4oz)
Sea Salt & Olive Oil Crackers (2.5oz)
Choc. Chip Cookies (3oz)
Powdered Almond Tea Cookies (3oz)
Butterscotch Hard Candies (3oz)
Ahmad Tea (10 tea bags)