The Making of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Oh My Gooeyness! Chocolate Chip Cookies are sooo incredible and we have Ruth Wakefield to thank!! Ruth & her husband Resided in eastern Massachusetts and owned a restaurant known as Toll House inn. Rumor has it that she was brainstorming different ideas with cookie dough after returning from her vacation in Egypt when she first came up with some similar popular treats called Butter Drop Do Pecan icebox cookies. Her original plan involved melting squares of bakers chocolate and adding it to the blond batter but the only chocolate she had available was a Nestle semi sweet bar and she was too in a hurry to melt it. Wielding an ice pick, she diced the bar into tiny pea size bits dribbled them into brown sugar dough and nuts. Instead of melting into the dough to produce an all chocolate cookie and the bits actually remained chunky as they baked instead. In 1939 Ruth sold Nestle rights to reproduce her recipe on it's packages for what is said ONE DOLLAR and was hired to consult on recipes for the company. Ruths recipe is printed on every chocolate chip cookie package today.
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