In the 1930's Frank Mars, Named his candy bar after his horse whom was names Snickers. Ridiculously enough the name of their family farm located in Tennessee was called Milky Way. At the introduction of Snickers people were distraught that they were priced at 20 cents rather than what was the expected 5 cents. There are about 16 peanuts in every chocolate packed Nougat bar. Mars packs up to 100 tons into 15 million snickers bars each and every single day. Over the years there have been more than 40 Variations of the Snickers Bars Marketed all across the world. There has been a Fiery Bar that has a hot pepper nougat. And their not so strange Espresso Bar until you hear that is tastes like a buttered popcorn jelly bean. All in All It is hard to top the billion dollar Revenue of the original Snickers bar it Satisfies..


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