Rocky Road Ice cream

After coming to the United states in 1906, William Dreyer moved to california after spending some time in New York, to learn the art of making ice cream and in 1921 after 15 years he opened up his own ic cream shop in Visalia, California and by 1929 he teamed up with Joseph Edy, a candy maker to start up a ice cream and candy company in Oakland, california. It is said that Dreyer used his wife's sewing scissors to cut up pieces of marshmallow and walnuts and then added them to chocolate ice cream. both Dreyer and Edy supposedly replaced the walnuts with almonds and dubbed the flavor Rocky Road. In October 1929 due to the stock market crash edy and Dreyer parted in 1947 and the company was named after Dreyer, but as they began expanding they ran into difficulties with east coast brand Breyers. After some legalities it was agreed that Dreyers would enter these new markets under the Edy's Name. They have the consistency of the same flavors, packaging, and brand identity, but Dreyer's is mostly sold in the western United States while Edy's is sold in the midwest and east.


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