Krispy Kreme has had an incredible following over the years; It is after-all the ideal doughnut both in texture and taste. Their simple glazed doughnut might not have much for fans of chocolate to enjoy, that is until now. Because for world chocolate day, Krispy Kreme is transforming it's traditional glazed doughnut into a chocolate version. July 7th 2018, Krispy Kreme fanatics everywhere will get a taste of yet another limited edition doughnut flavor. For ONE day only. And it’s not just the United States that gets to celebrate this momentous occasion. The whole world will have a chance to try this chocolatey goodness. Krispy Kreme will feature the chocolate glazed doughnut on six continents, in countries like New Zealand, Iceland, and Taiwan. In fact, some shops are even opening at midnight—including the Auckland location—to maximize the entire 24-hour period of the holiday.

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