Rocalicious English Toffee Candy Bars

Homemade english toffee dipped in semi-sweet chocolate and then rolled in fresh chopped almonds. The toffee is made with the highest quality: all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, and there are no preservatives added. It is available in approx. 3oz. candy bars.

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In the year 2001, I perfected an old time favorite recipe of English toffee. I call it "Rocalicious" because it is my version of Almond Roca and it is o so delicious! The toffee is made with the highest quality: all natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, and there are no preservatives added. Due to the fact that this delicacy is all natural, it is at its best when it is fresh. Therefore, we suggest it is stored in the freezer where it will not lose its crunchiness if left out. In the beginning the toffee was distributed as gifts to family and friends for the holidays and special occasions. It became surprisingly popular. Many people raved about how delicious Rocalicious is and suggested that I market this product and let the rest of the world taste "the best English Toffee they have ever tasted." On account of an overwhelming demand and a steady stream of compliments concerning Rocalicious candy, I was motivated to venture out and start the business I now call, Paraiso Delicacies. Rocalicious candy is available in approx. 3 oz. candy bars. Great for any special occasion, the holidays as stocking stuffers, gifts, fundraisers, "Thank You's", "I Love You's", and party favors.
Additional Info
Number of Pieces 1
Dietary Options Contains Nuts, Traces of Nuts, Contains Eggs, Contains Soy

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Customer Reviews

Review by JL
Transported back across the ocean .. yummy.

Review by David C
Good english toffee.  Very tasty.  A bit pricey.

Review by Karen Pickering
These English Toffee bars are delicious.  After just one bite, you can really tell that the milk chocolate used is of the highest quality.  The toffee has the right flavor and texture and the chopped almonds round out the overall experience of enjoying these wonderful bars.  I've selfishly hidden them from my family in a kitchen cabinet.  But, I plan to buy some as stocking stuffers this holiday!  

Review by Sarah Morris
I just opened my box and had to take a bite. My first thoughts "Oh wow!" followed by a second and third bite!!! Amazing product, thank you!

Review by Carol Lorenz
I ordered these and received an email that the order had not been properly filled, but that in fact what was sent to me was of greater value. It was still the English toffee described above just packaged differently. I am sorry to say I lost the email before I could reply - but I was grateful to the sender. Even tho it was not exactly what I ordered - the product I received was absolutely yummy and I was completely satisfied with it and hope to eventually be in a position to order again!

Review by Liz Johnson
Yummy! Yummy!!! I hid these in my bedside table so my kids wouldn't find them!! I have a piece every night!! so delicious!!

Review by Jess
I am a huge fan of English Toffee, and this was amazing! I would definitely recommend it! It had the right combination of crunchy, sweet and nutty! Yum!

Review by Judy New
My daughter sent me this delicious treat when I mentioned I really loved toffee this time of year. My, what a great choice! It is so rich and creamy I can only take a few bites at a time but I'm going to finish this bar soon, and I have 2 more to look forward to.

Review by Katherine Walker
Very delicious toffee bar. It has a nice, rich and sweet flavor to it. I will definitely buy more of these! Thanks for great service!

Review by TOL
I am a big toffee fan. However, I have never had toffee as good as these. I was really surprised at how much creamer this toffee is that what I have tasted in the past. I will definitely order more.

Review by Josh DaVee
These Rocalicious English Toffee Candy Bars are awesome. I bought these for a christmas present for my mom, but I ended up eating one of them because they looked so good. She absolutely loved them and will be getting them again this year for her birthday.

Review by Bryan Newell
Excellent flavor and texture. Delivery was quick. Great product.

Review by C. Davis
To sum it husband said this was ridiculicious! Very quick and easy to order and FAST delivery. Great communication regarding my order also. Will DEFINITELY order from again.

Review by Kathy Keller
Buttery, nutty, delicious!!!!

Review by Meredith
I'd give this a 6 if I could!

Review by Brad Cottrell
Very good quality and the shipment was on time.

Review by Raquel
Buttery toffee with just the right balance of sweetness. I definitely purchase this again!

Review by Shareen W.
Yummy crunchy toffee that's not too sweet & a little bit soft. The chocolate is not overpowering & you can really taste the almonds. The flavors are very well balanced, but the toffee wasn't as buttery as I would have liked.

Review by Jackie L. Anderson
Tasty, light crunch to it and easy to eat. Great for a snack and to share with a friend. Serving size two people, each half of the candy bar. Enjoy!

Review by Dylan Aller
This product arrived very quickly! And as I expected it was absolutely deliscious. It will be gone in no time. Highly reccomended

Review by Agent O
Delicous! It's like a giant bar of Almond Roca- but with a higher toffee to chocolate ratio.