Sacred Mylk

by SteveAdler
From bean to bar, Sacred Chocolate is infused with Love, Peace, and Gratitude by our Universal Prayers, Chants, and Mantras. We actually do this in our factory! In this way we honor, respect and give thanks to all beings that make possible this amazing food. At the same time, our Love raises the vibration of Sacred Chocolate in order to raise your Sacred Heart Frequency and Consciousness. We make our special chocolate over several days, the old fashioned way: Slow Stone Grinding at Low Temperature. Our cacao beans are never roasted and all manufacturing processes are kept below 114 degrees F to ensure maximum antioxidant retention and zero trans-fatty acid production. Our ginger chocolate (57% cacao content) was lab tested and found to have an antioxidant rating (ORAC score) of 3-4 times that of a normal dark chocolate bar of 60% cacao content. Our ingredients are always raw where possible and always organic or wild-crafted. Sacred Chocolate is Certified Organic, Vegan, Kosher, and Halal. Our Criollo variety Cacao Beans are from Ecuador and are sold above fair trade standards! All Sacred Chocolate Heart Shaped Bars include the SKIN of the Cacao Bean for flavor and nutritional purposes. The SKIN adds a fruity complexity to the chocolate and has super nutrition, analogous to the skin of a cucumber or orange. We never use weak cacao filler beans to boost cacao percentage, or use cane sugar. You might ask, Why do we use Maple Sugar? Although the cost is MUCH higher than cane, the reasons are: a) flavor--it smells like a Canadian fore Handmade, RAW, Whole Bean, Certified: Organic, Vegan, Kosher, Halal Chocolate.*Organic Ingredients: *Whole Cacao Beans with SKINS,*Cacao Butter, *Maple sugar, *Vanilla Bean st in full bloom, b) forests thrive--trees are not cut down to produce it, c) we can get certified vegan, and d) for those who are glycemically concerned, maple is only 55 on the glycemic index! 10% of profits are donated to Visit for more info. Open the Heart, Discover the Magic!