Marsatta 82 SUPER RAYBAR

by MarsattaChocolate
Bean to Bar ~ 82 percent Organic Cacao Single Origin Healthy Supreme Dark Chocolate Bar
Organic & Vegan Friendly. Soy, Dairy, Nut & Gluten Free. SUPER HEART HEALTHY Contains 74 different Super Food ingredients!!!
The amazing Super RayBar was created in honor of Ray Gardner who battled cancer to the very end. Sadly, he succumbed to this terrible disease last August. With the assistance of doctors and modern medicine his team fought hard but did not win the battle. At Marsatta, we believe in trying alternatives to modern medicine especially if the medicines are not working! We want you to win the battle. Whether you or someone you know are ill or just want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, we think the Marsatta Super RayBar is for you. So rather than sit back we decided to combine our amazing bean to bar chocolate (we make our chocolate from the actual cacao bean) with Superfoods! The Superfoods that we infuse into our chocolate is designed as a concentrated, nutrient-dense food from vegetable sources that is meant to support a healthy digestive tract, thereby improving nutrient absorption; deliver a host of trace nutrients that may be lacking in modern diets; improve circulation and cardiovascular health in order to deliver those nutrients to every cell of the body; support a vigorous and efficient immune system; support directly or indirectly the other body systems (i.e. musculoskeletal, neurological, integumentary (skin), respiratory, urinary, endocrine, cardiovascular/circulatory, digestive, reproductive and immune)