Immuno Mushroom Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate

by SteveAdler
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Sacred Heart Immuno Mushroom is imbibed with a multitude of medicinal mushrooms. This chocolate has a very woody and earthy flavor. 68% Cacao Content. Recently, this chocolate scored VERY HIGH on Dr. Gabriel Cousens' special energy test. This chocolate is bitter-sweet. NEW Sacred Heart -- The 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart shaped chocolate bar is now available after many months of planning. This new chocolate is thinner and snaps easily in your fingers or in your mouth. It is also a smaller bite size price. This new design phases out the 2oz Sacred Heart Immuno Mushroom chocolate bar. Sacred Heart Immuno Mushroom is slowly stone-ground from bean to bar right in our custom chocolate factory in San Rafael, California, which was designed from the ground up to make raw chocolate! Each 1.44oz bar comes in the shape of a perfect golden spiral heart, symbolic of the fact that raw cacao is so good for the heart. This delicious Sacred Heart chocolate bar is hand poured & hand wrapped. All Sacred Chocolate is prayed over by Sacred Steve, the Sacred Chocolate Oompa Loompas and others! INGREDIENTS Ingredients: Cacao Nibs, *Maple Sugar, Cacao Butter, *Whole Cacao Beans with SKINS, Mushrooms: (*Chaga, *Turkey Tail, *Reishi, *Maitake, *Shiitake, *Cordyceps, *Himematsutake, *Mesima, *Oyster, *Lion's Mane), ~Himalayan Salt, ~Pine Pollen. 100% Organic, *Organic, ~Wildcrafted Dairy/Gluten/Soy FREE. Certified Organic Ingredients by Weight: 97.5%. Cacao Content: 68% Produced in a Facility that also Processes Nuts. Produced below 115 Degrees Fahrenheit. Certified Organic by CCOF