Halloween Decorated Dark Chocolate Giant Fortune Cookie

This Giant Fortune Cookie is a delightful way to bewitch and delight someone this Halloween! Hand dipped in Dark Chocolate. each cookie is adorned with adorable handcrafted Halloween Royal Icing Decorations and sprinkled with Halloween Confetti Pumpkins and Ghosts. This delightfully spooky gift and greeting all in one is a break from ordinary Tricks and Treats! The trick is in the treat with this smart cookie! Your fortune is personalized with your custom gift card message! Make sure you fill out the gift card as this is the message that will appear on your 1 ft- long fortune! Personalize the foot long fortune inside up to 10 lines! We guarantee you that this is one of the sweetest and most memorable ways of celebrating Halloween. Beautifully wrapped in a traditional French Cellophane Bag, this cookie is tightly tied with a matching ribbon. Finally, Lady Fortunes beautiful gold seal of approval is added for the finishing touch. Each cookie is meticulously packed in our signature Glossy White Gift Boxes and topped with festive tissue paper