Dark Chocolate Ephemere Truffle Cremes 5 Oz Bag PACK Of 4

by DilettanteChocolates,Inc.
Named from the word ephemeral, describing a brief, heavenly experience of intense pleasure, our Ephemere Truffle Cremes are a gourmet, silky-smooth slice of chocolate heaven. Dilettante's signature dark chocolate Ephemere ganache is made with caramelized cream and sugar then coated with rich dark chocolate for a double dark chocolate delight. The truffles are so soft and smooth they will melt in your mouth. Here is what one satisfied customer had to say: The first bite into this truffle was enough to put this right up in my all-time favorite top 5 dark chocolates list. From soft texture of truffle crme to full bodied taste of melting dark chocolate, it was absolutely phenomenal. It exceeded my expectations and I am now looking forward to tasting other flavors. I would totally recommend this to my friends! - Jennifer Cava. Dilettante's chocolates are a chocolate connoisseur's dream. At Dilettante, our priority is creating high-quality, delicious products. Because of our dedication to the extraordinary, all of our gourmet chocolates are made with the finest ingredients. You'll never find fillers or artificial additives in Dilettante chocolates. Our Ephemere Truffle Cremes are made from a special family recipe. Premium quality dark chocolate is used along with pure, natural ingredients such as sweet sugar and rich cream. That's why Dilettante chocolates, made in the Pacific Northwest, are a Seattle favorite. Every Ephemere Truffle Creme is a confectionary masterpiece! These delicious chocolate morsels are individually wrapped in foil for freshness. You can share these silky smooth chocolate truffles with friends and family or keep them to yourself for a sweet indulgence. Your order will include FOUR pouches of Ephemere Truffle Cremes, 5 ounces per box. We will ship the boxes of chocolates direct to you from our warehouse.