Bar Mitzvah Fortune Cookies Online

Lady Fortunes® Gourmet Bar Mitzvah Fortune Cookies are a delicious way to help celebrate the special occasion! Baked fresh- and made-to-order, our delicious vanilla fortune cookie recipe is a great way to experience this traditional Chinese Dinner treat. Our Confectionery Artisans hand dip each cookie in Belgian Callebaut® Couverture Chocolates in Milk, Dark and White- and rich golden Caramel. Each cookie is decorated with an adorable assortment of hand crafted Royal Icing (sugar) Decorations (Blue and White Stars of David and Menorahs) and Blue and White Sprinkles adorn these festive cookies. It is confirmed that online shopping for fortune cookie ensures great deals. But To buy fortune cookie online make sure the reliable supplier to get the quality product at affordable prices.The cookies make perfect party favors or special after dinner treats. Choose from our Traditional Good Fortune Messages or Thank you for sharing my special day with me message- or customize your own for maximum bite! Lady Fortunes® products are all made with Kosher-certified ingredients. Our products are pending Kosher Certification. Please contact Customer Care for more information.