7 Handmade Organic Artisan Chocolate Bars

by LifeByChocolate
7 handmade organic artisan Life By Chocolate bars made with organic dark chocolate from a small artisan chocolate maker combined with choice ingredients from artisan producers. This gift set includes 7 different bars, Bee's Knees, On The Vine, O! Sunny Day, Smoke on the Chocolate, The Goddess, Wild Rabbit and Crunch.

Bee's Knees: Honey and Bee Pollen
On The Vine: Currents and Royal Jelly
O Sunny Day: Currents and Almonds
Smoke on the Chocolate: Smoked Peanut Butter
The Goddess: Lavender, Dandelion, and Soy Nuts
Wild Rabbit: Mild Urfa Chili
Crunch: Organic Granola