Creek House 40 Pc Organic Vegan Party Pack Truffles Debut

by CreekHousePatisserie
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Our original assortment of Vegan chocolates now with Organic ingredients. 40 pieces of vegan chocolate heaven. 66% cacao dark chocolate, coconut milk, and our premium flavorings to create a unique assortment of chocolates. Non GMO chocolate, all natural, no preservatives, no gluten added (We are not a gluten free facility). 10 pieces each of: Chili Mango, Dark Espresso, Berry Berry, Orange Coconut. Bulk packed in a plain white corrugated box (each chocolate is in a separate dark brown candy cup. ALLERGENS: Not suitable for those with milk allergies, even though measures are taken to keep Vegan products separate from any dairy products: In our facility as well as some suppliers’, ingredients are processed on equipment that may also process dairy, soy, nuts, wheat.