Creek House 2 Pc Organic Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles

by CreekHousePatisserie
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2 chocolates to a box, 25 boxes per order. Organic-Non GMO-Fair Trade-Vegan. All dark chocolate truffles inside and out. Our Vegan truffles are wonderfully creamy. Excellent for wedding favors, party favors, and stocking stuffers. Packaged in a glossy gold classic ballotin box, and sealed with our Creek House matte gold seal. Each truffle sits in a brown candy cup. Box size is: 2 3/4 L x 1 3/8 W x 1 1/4 H. Sorry, we cannot put a gift message on each favor box. Net Weight: Approx. 1 oz. ALLERGEN STATEMENT: We are not a dairy free or gluten free facility. It is possible that this product may contain a trace of dairy protein, wheat, peanuts, or other nuts. We take extreme measures to keep our non dairy Vegan products completely separate from any dairy products in our facility. All ingredients used in our non dairy Vegan chocolates are non dairy, and any sugar used is bone char free. We do not produce dairy and non dairy batches together, and our equipment is cleaned and sanitized to remove allergens. We take pride in crafting a high quality, tasty product without the use of dairy.