Burnt Caramel And Hawaiian Sea Salt Chocopologie Bar

by KnipschildtChocolatier

Fritz Knipschildt opened the 'Chocopologie Cafe' in the fall of 2005. This Cafe and chocolate workshop has inspired Fritz to create a unique set of chocolate bars. These bars capture the essence of 'Chocopologie Cafe', a perfect place to escape from the everyday to renew the mind, body, and spirit. Each bar is made from a single bean chocolate from a specific region of the globe, which is truly unique being that most chocolates have a blend of cocoas from all over the world. For our Burnt Caramel & Hawaiian Sea Salt bar, we have chosen a 71% Ecuadorian single bean dark chocolate then filling it with a homemade burnt caramel, sprinkling it with Hawaiian sea salt for a decadent contrast in texture and flavor.