Creek House 6 Pc Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles, NouveauII

by CreekHousePatisserie


Berry Berry (2 pieces)

Dark Chocolate (2 pieces)

Peppermint (1 piece)

Creamy Hazelnut (1 piece)

NouveauII is the second version of our Nouveau collection updated August 2018.  Organic, non gmo, fair trade, vegan, no added gluten. Our newest assortment of non dairy Vegan artisan chocolates. 66% Cacao Organic Bittersweet Chocolate.  Elegantly packaged in our signature gold box tied with a double sided satin ribbon.

ALLERGENS: Not suitable for those with milk allergies, even though measures are taken to keep Vegan products separate from any dairy products: In our facility as well as some suppliers’, ingredients are processed on equipment that may also process dairy, soy, nuts, wheat.