Creek House Chocolate Organic Vegan Truffle Easter Eggs

by CreekHousePatisserie
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2 delicious half Easter Eggs nestled together. Packaged in a lovely Easter garden box. Enrobed in premium, organic chocolate.  Silky non dairy Vegan filling is made with 66% organic dark chocolate, organic coconut milk and organic coconut oil. The coconut acts as a very subtle and creamy background for the high quality chocolate.  A fine Easter gift or addition to an Easter basket.  Total weight of eggs are approximately 8 oz. Each half egg measures approximately 3 3/4L x 2 1/2 W x 1 1/2D. ALLERGENS: Not suitable for those with milk allergies, even though measures are taken to keep Vegan products separate from any dairy products: In our facility as well as some suppliers’, ingredients are processed on equipment that may also process dairy, soy, nuts, wheat.dairy.