Chocolate Dipped Ariel Brut Non Alcoholic Champagne Gift

by SweetTraders
ARIEL is a pioneer in the production of super and ultra premium non-alcoholic wines. ARIEL wines have been judged in eight professional wine competitions to be superior to wines with alcohol. Ariel Sparkling Brut Cuvee's delicate floral aromas of lilac and lavender from the grape coupled with a subtle toasty oak bouquet create a sparkling wine well suited for any festive occasion and makes it a perfect after dinner dessert. This alcohol-free wine is a great alternative to traditional sparkling wine.  It represents a steady bead of ascending bubbles. With hints of berry and peach, it gives the odorous aroma of green apples and ripe pears. Each bottle is hand-dipped in award winning gourmet Guittard chocolate for a most beautiful and unforgettable presentation. Simply pull the ribbon "zipper" to release the chocolate jacket from the bottle and then savor the sensation of melting chocolate and alcohol free champagne as they mingle in your mouth. This unique gift will arrive in an elegant gold organza gift bag with an instructional label.