nicobella Organic Dark Chocolate Mocha Munch

by NicobellaOrganics
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vegan / organic / natural and non-GMO ingredients/ gluten, soy, dairy-free

nicobella organics 75% organic and Fair Trade dark chocolate is blended with Brewing Good Coffee Company's organic and fair trade Oaxacan coffee nibs for an energizing and delicious chocolate treat that gives back with each bite!

When passion and compassion come together...Two companies, one mission: to inspire conscious eating for health, farmers, the environment and animal welfare. nicobella organics and Brewing Good Coffee Company have joined forces to double their impact for animals while you enjoy a tasty organic and fair trade treat. 10% of proceeds are donated to animal sanctuaries and rescues in need.

Registered Dietitian and nutritionist Nichole Dandrea has discovered the power of organic and vegan ingredients and incorporated them into an indulgent yet guilt free treat.

Ingredients: dark chocolate (organic cacao, organic cane sugar), organic Oaxacan coffee beans

Allergy information: Made on shared equipment with products containing wheat, milk, peanuts and other nuts. Made with gluten free ingredients.