Coconut Cream or Raspberry Buttercream Pink Bunny / ALL NATURAL /10 count

by Shokolate Haven
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Hand dipped, 10 milk, dark or white chocolate Bunnies filled with sweet and creamy mixture of Coconut & Vanilla or Raspberry Buttercream.

Enjoy with your friends or just by your self :) 

We do not add preservatives to our chocolates, so you taste fresh pure chocolate.

Much of the factory produced chocolate being sold today contains paraffin wax to keep a shiny finish on the surface of the chocolate. Our Shokolate Haven Shop does not add paraffin because it adds a waxy taste to the chocolate. We are small, so we have good quality control. Each piece of chocolate is made by hand, one piece at a time.   We provide you with fresh made chocolate full of heart and soul, made in the USA by Americans that care about you and their product.