Peanut Butter Cups - Gift Box

by Shokolate Haven
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Please specify in your order if you would like to add any Candy Toppings at no extra cost- Fall, Christmas or Color Coated Large Chocolate Candy topping.


These chocolate peanut butter cups have a homemade taste you won’t get from store-bought candy. 


We've created our take on the classic combo with these Giant and bite-sized peanut butter treats that have been dipped in milk, dark and white chocolate and topped with colored candy.


 Is there anything better than chocolate with peanut butter? Simply the best! Stick any chocolate peanut butter cups in the freezer for a chocolaty frozen delight.  


This gift is perfect for sharing, though they may not want to :)


We do not add preservatives to our chocolates, so you taste fresh pure chocolate.


 Much of the factory produced chocolate being sold today contains paraffin wax to keep a shiny finish on the surface of the chocolate. Our Shokolate Haven Shop does not add paraffin because it adds a waxy taste to the chocolate. We are small, so we have good quality control. Each piece of chocolate is made by hand, one piece at a time.   


We provide you with fresh made chocolate full of heart and soul, made in the USA by Americans that care about you and their product.       


To protect freshness of the chocolate and prevent it from melting we ship our perishable product on Mondays and Tuesday only.