The World Famous "M"

Since Having been released in the 1940's, M&M's have been so Iconic due to the different colors in the yellow and brown packaging. Like Most people i always wondered what that symbolic "M" stood for and most people believe that the famous M stands for Mars incorporated the company that actually produces the M&M's. The truth is there were two famous candy makers who have the credit of the production of this incredible candy known to man kind. Once of which was Forrest Mars Sr. He was abroad and noticed some British soldiers eating small pill sized candies those of which were Smarties, they had a hard candy shell with chocolate in the center he was in shock seeing that the candies held up in the summer heat and how easy they were to carry around and transport. Filled with this new knowledge he returned to his fathers company to claim his spot he of which founded Mars Incorporated. He Moved back and secured a patent for the production of the chocolates and quickly grew upset with the format of his fathers ownership and set out for partnership for his new candy plan. He then met Bruce Murrie the president of Hershey's and like forrest he didn't agree with his fathers business. Murrie & Mars became M&M as you know it today. In the beginning M&M's sold exclusively to the U.S armed forces, as the candies were heat-resistant and traveled well. The partnership was successful, upon the GI's Return home they would sing M&M praises to this day their MRE rations are included for the U.S soldiers.





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