The Worlds Finest Chocolate Since 1908

Growing up we always had school fundraisers with World's Finest Chocolate. The chocolates would come in a carton box with 40 plus chocolates. In my house hold i never had to sell them door to door i always managed to eat them in house which was lovely that is until all the chocolates were gone and realized that none were sold but on the other hand Edmond and Arnold Ople sure loved us along with many other people who did the exact same thing or actually did the fundraising portion.

The World's Finest chocolate's history goes back to 1908 when founder Edmond Opler, Sr. Had Begun work at 12 years old to take care of his family after his father died. He was the oldest of eight children, he also stopped going to school and found a job selling cocoa to bakeries around New York City making trips with a horse-drawn wagon. 

His brother Arnold joined him in selling cocoa. In 1922 the two brothers formed a company called E & A Opler, Inc. By moving to Chicago. The company grew from selling packaged cocoa to eventually making chocolate directly from the cocoa bean. 

In 1939, Ed Opler, Sr., started Cook Chocolate Company selling cocoa powder and other many chocolate products both retail and movie theatre location. Ten years later, the company pioneered chocolate product fundraising with the world's Finest, Milk Chocolate with Almond bar. In 1972, the company's name officially changed to World's Finest Chocolate. In 1999 they celebrated 50 years in fundraising with over 5,000,000,000 bars sold, and was part of the only eleven chocolate manufacturers in the United States. And Last year 2017 Worlds Finest chocolate Raised over $4 billion for their fundraising customers!


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