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202 White Chocolate Products Found
White chocolate gifts are available with a gift note and impressive boxes. You can send your friend or loved one a white chocolate creation to express your appreciation for them. Or, if you are the biggest white chocolate lover that you know, send white chocolate to yourself to show your appreciation. Self-appreciation is a good thing, and white chocolate is a delightful way to show it. We offer products from vendors all over the United States. Some are swirling mixtures of white and dark chocolate, some are solid white chocolate bars. We hope that you find the white chocolate to meet your fancy. If you have any questions about our products please don't hesitate to contact us via the "customer service" link at the top of every page. Thank you for shopping at
 Blue Baby Lollypop:BIBS (Babies in Blankets) are cabbage patch looking lollypops with a doily bonnet that are wrapped in a blue blanket (napkin) and tied with a bow.
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 Chocolate Millenium Falcon:chocolate Millenium Falcon
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 Manon White Chocolate Coffee Walnuts Chocolate Bar:My favorite, absolutely favorite white chocolate bar.
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 Chocolate School Bus:Don't forget your bus driver they work hard everyday getting your children to school safely. Available in White, Milk or Yellow Chocolate.
What a great product!!!! - Christina
 White Chocolate Bark Cranberries And Orange Peel Gift Box:Savor New England Cranberry's White Chocolate Bark with Cranberries and Orange Peel! Our creamy white chocolate is balanced by tangy cranberries and orange peel. A great little extra to give a friend or bring to the hostess -- enjoy!
 Easter Boat Bunny:Sail the high seas with this delicious Chocolate Boat Bunny!
 Candy Cane Popcorn Small Bag:A delicious combination of buttery caramel popcorn, fresh glazed macadamia nuts, smooth white peppermint chocolate, and crushed candy canes. This limited edition gourmet confection is the perfect chocolate popcorn for spreading holiday cheer! An excellent choice for holiday gifts, family gatherings and entertaining.
 Shamrock Lollipop:Test your luck and enjoy our delicious solid Shamrock Lolly!
The perfect girl for a teenager who requested "shoes, chocolate and boys" for her 17th birthday. Two out of three ain't bad . . . she's on her own in the "boys" department. Beautiful design!!! - Aunt J
 Day Of The Dead Stiletto:Dia de los Muertos inspired custom decorated High Heel. This shoe is hand designed and is truely one of a kind. Adorned with chocolate skulls, vines and spiderwebs, this is a perfect gift for yourself or others!
 Valentine Cupid Edible Box:This edible chocolate box is beautifully hand-decorated with Cupids and hearts and filled with nonpareils
 Mama Vida Y Papa Muerte:Translates to: "Mother Life and Father Death" representing the themes for our Day of the Dead selection of fine chocolates! Buy each skull individually or as a couple. Completely edible, and made of delicious, hand-decorated chocolate!
 Praying Hands:A beautiful set of White Chocolate Praying Hands. Perfect gift Communion or Christening.

Edible Cross Box
 Edible Cross Box:This Edible Cross Box is filled with Nonpareils and white chocolate praying hands. Once you eat the goodies from the inside, the box itself becomes the treat!
Holy Communion Lolly
 Holy Communion Lolly:A perfect Communion gift or favor!
 Nutcracker:This Chocolate Nut Cracker makes a great gift for the holiday season! Get one for yourself, or a nut-cracking friend of yours...
Pink Baby Lollypops
 Pink Baby Lollypops:Babies in blankets (BIBS) are cabbage patch looking lollypops with a doily bonnet and pink napkin blanket made out of white chocolate.
Caramel Milk And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Petites
Good flavor. - Janet Neier
 Caramel Milk And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Petites:~ Enjoy these Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate drizzle and hand wrapped in Caramel Gourmet Pretzel Petites ~
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Baby Shower Treats
 Baby Shower Treats:Available in white or milk chocolate. 3 in a set one each; 1 bootie, 1 rattle, 1 bottle.
Rose Flower Pot
 Rose Flower Pot:This is a pink rose lollypop made out of white chocolate. It sits in a a flower pot made of milk chocolate and crispy rice. It measures 4 inches tall.
Baby Lollypop In Lavendar
 Baby Lollypop In Lavendar:Babies in Blankets (BIBS) are cabbage patch looking lollypops made with white chocolate. They are wearing a doily bonnet and are wrapped in a lavendar napkin blanket.
Caramel Milk And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Rod
I love carmel and chocolate pretzel rods, but I usually have to wait until the Christmas holidays to find them. But now I can get them year round. They were delivered on time, the packaging was excellent and the pretezel rods were scrumptious! - Angie Scott
 Caramel Milk And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Rod:~ Enjoy the Milk Chocolate with White Chocolate drizzle and hand wrapped in Caramel Gourmet Pretzel Rod ~
Religious Package
 Religious Package:A Chocolate covered pretzel, a hand-dipped oreo with a set of praying hands and some nonpareils make this cello-up a great gift or favor idea!
Daffodil Flower Pot
 Daffodil Flower Pot:This daffodil lollypop sits in a chocolate and crispy rice flower pot. It measures 4 inches tall.
Baby Lollypop Yellow
 Baby Lollypop Yellow:Babies in Blankets (BIBS) are cabbage patch looking lollypops wearing a doily bonnet and wrapped in a yellow napkin blanket.

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Take another look at white chocolate!

byCreek House Patisserie

A lot of people claim that they do not like white chocolate.  In reality, a lot of people do not like BAD white chocolate! What's the difference? A common ingredient in white chocolate is powdered milk instead of cream or whole milk. Powdered milk can be very overpowering in the white chocolate, and it can be a taste many people don't like.  Good quality white chocolate will contain NO powdered milk, but will use full cream instead.  The cream, along with cocoa butter and sugar gives the white chocolate a wholesome, pleasingly sweet and vanilla flavor. White chocolate does not contain the cocoa mass or liquor that dark chocolate and milk chocolate contain.  It should however contain a high percentage of cocoa butter instead of vegetable oil.
Our popular white chocolate truffles are made with a very high quality white chocolate that is made with cream and 35% cocoa butter.