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202 White Chocolate Products Found
White chocolate gifts are available with a gift note and impressive boxes. You can send your friend or loved one a white chocolate creation to express your appreciation for them. Or, if you are the biggest white chocolate lover that you know, send white chocolate to yourself to show your appreciation. Self-appreciation is a good thing, and white chocolate is a delightful way to show it. We offer products from vendors all over the United States. Some are swirling mixtures of white and dark chocolate, some are solid white chocolate bars. We hope that you find the white chocolate to meet your fancy. If you have any questions about our products please don't hesitate to contact us via the "customer service" link at the top of every page. Thank you for shopping at
 Limestone Key Lime Truffle 8 Piece Box:We take our rich white chocolate make the perfect key lime pie truffle. The truffle is rolled in graham crackers to finish the flavor off. Price includes 8 Truffles in a special designed Truffle Box wrapped in a bow.
 Lime Truffle 8 Piece Box:Lime flavored Truffle made with white Gourmet Single Bean Chocolate
 White Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Favors:Party or Wedding Favors - White Chocolate Marshmallow Treat
The white chocolate pretzels were very good and well packaged. I would have liked for there to have been a few more, though. - ARM
 White Chocolate Covered Pretzels 8 Oz Box:Our popular chocolate covered pretzels are so good, it's easy to become addicted.
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 Easter Egg White Pop 6 Piece:Fill your baskets with these lovely, tasty eggs!
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 Easter Bunny White Pop 6 Piece:Look who's hopping down the bunny trail!
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 Valentine's Love White 6 Piece:Show your LOVE this Valentine's Day!
 Creamsicle Orange Cream Truffle 8 Piece Box:Orange flavored Truffle made with white Gourmet Single Bean Chocolate
 Milk And Dark Chocolate Break Up:A full pound of creamy milk, and luscious dark chocolate. This is our signature blend and is used to create all of Enjou's specialty chocolates. Our Break Up comes packaged in a gold box and a seasonal bow.
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 Easter Large Egg White Pop 6 Piece:Fill your baskets with these lovely, tasty eggs!
It was a valentine's gift. I agree. Its almost too cute to eat. made my day. It smells awesome, of both milk and white chocolate. I could keep it and smell it for days. I am sure it will taste as well. - Sneha Agarwal
 Wise Owl Junior:This wise owl is just over 3" tall and almost too cute to eat ... almost!
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This Zombie Rabbit was truly terrifying, not only was the appearance of the rabbit was AWESOME but the smooth white chocolate MELTED in your mouth. I really loved eating the ribs of the Zombie Rabbit. - Sophia Kim-O'Sullivan
 Zombie Peter Rabbit Chocolate Easter Bunny:Zombie Peter Rabbit is Sugar Plum's Classic Chocolate Easter Bunny with a Twist (ed), made of white chocolate and designed to be an original piece in your Easter Basket that will make kids and adults alike scream!

 COOKIE AND BROWNIE COLLECTION:Say thank you to your favorite clients, friends with this delicious COOKIE & BROWNIE COLLECTION. Includes Chocolate Brownies, White Chocolate Macadamian Nut Cookies, Turtle Brownies.
Peppermint Pretzel Bark Red 6pc Gift Box
 Peppermint Pretzel Bark Red 6pc Gift Box:White Chocolate Peppermint Fretzels® Pretzel Barks, individually wrapped and beautifully packaged in this red keepsake holiday gift box.
Enjou's Chocolate Covered Pretzels
 Enjou's Chocolate Covered Pretzels:Salty and sweet, perfect together. One pound of milk, dark and white chocolate smothered pretzels.
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Snow Crunch White Chocolate Snack Mix Gift Tin
Being a 'purist', this was not my personal favorite, but the couple I bought it for, as well as their guests, loved it! I did enjoy the corn and rice crisps as well as the candy coated chocolate pieces, I typically prefer chocolate or truffles - plain and simple. Do know the flavor was completely wonderful and if you enjoy the sweet/salty type mix - this is for you! - Brenda Vander Linden
 Snow Crunch White Chocolate Snack Mix Gift Tin:Snow Crunch - A unique snack combination of corn and rice crisps, honey flavored grahams, candy coated milk chocolate pieces, yogurt coated pretzels and raisins - frosted with white chocolate and packed with a sweet and salty crunch.
Gymnastics Plaque
This was such a perfect surprise for my gymnast daughter! She ate around the figure, saving the white chocolate for last. - Kathy Parnes
 Gymnastics Plaque:Perfect gift for yourself or other Gymnastics fan!
Green Tea Sesame Bark 5oz
 Green Tea Sesame Bark 5oz:With Chocolatines' newest treat, now you can satisfy the chocoholic in you while reaping the health benefits of green tea. The sweet taste of rich white chocolate mingles with the savory bitterness of green tea powder. The aroma of roasted black sesame seeds gives it the perfect touch.
White Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels 8 Oz
We purchased these for my daughter's wedding. I was a little worried the chocolate would melt due to the heat but there was ice still in the freezer packs and the bags of mini pretzels came surrounded by Styrofoam to keep the cold in. I was very impressed this company put so much care into assuring product quality to the destination. Thank you. We already sampled a bag and these pretzels are delicious. - Deanne Zeets
 White Chocolate Covered Mini Pretzels 8 Oz:freshly baked mini-pretzels are covered in our delicious white chocolate. Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union. White Coating (Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Dry Whey, Soy Lecithin (an emulsifier), Artificial Color, Salt and Artificial Flavoring) and Pretzels (Flour, Corn Syrup, Salt, Soybean Oil, Sodium Biocarbonate, Yeast).
Wise Owl Senior
 Wise Owl Senior:This wise owl is over 8" tall and almost too cute to eat ... almost!
Hot Springs Cayenne Pepper Truffle 8 Piece Box
 Hot Springs Cayenne Pepper Truffle 8 Piece Box:Hot Springs is a great town on the north end of the Smokies. Our Hot Springs Truffle is sure to be a great savory truffle. We take cayenne pepper and mix it in our white chocolate liquor and then dip the spicy ball into dark chocolate.
2 Lb Chocolate Sampler Made With Gourmet Single Bean
 2 Lb Chocolate Sampler Made With Gourmet Single Bean:A wonderful assortment of the best of our chocolates. There will be a variety of White, Milk & Dark Chocolates that are in this mouth watering sampler. Snyder's Pretzels, Turtles, caramels, Ritz's crackers and much more. If there are any special request, please tell us in the notes and we will add them.
Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Minis
This product came in good shape. Even though it was Summer, it was not really melted at all. The chocolate was wonderful and the pretzel part was crunchy! What a great surprize! - Robert Williams
 Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Minis:Enjoy these hand wrapped in Caramel dipped in Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Minis
Rose Flower Pot
 Rose Flower Pot:This is a pink rose lollypop made out of white chocolate. It sits in a a flower pot made of milk chocolate and crispy rice. It measures 4 inches tall.

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Take another look at white chocolate!

byCreek House Patisserie

A lot of people claim that they do not like white chocolate.  In reality, a lot of people do not like BAD white chocolate! What's the difference? A common ingredient in white chocolate is powdered milk instead of cream or whole milk. Powdered milk can be very overpowering in the white chocolate, and it can be a taste many people don't like.  Good quality white chocolate will contain NO powdered milk, but will use full cream instead.  The cream, along with cocoa butter and sugar gives the white chocolate a wholesome, pleasingly sweet and vanilla flavor. White chocolate does not contain the cocoa mass or liquor that dark chocolate and milk chocolate contain.  It should however contain a high percentage of cocoa butter instead of vegetable oil.
Our popular white chocolate truffles are made with a very high quality white chocolate that is made with cream and 35% cocoa butter.