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202 White Chocolate Products Found
White chocolate gifts are available with a gift note and impressive boxes. You can send your friend or loved one a white chocolate creation to express your appreciation for them. Or, if you are the biggest white chocolate lover that you know, send white chocolate to yourself to show your appreciation. Self-appreciation is a good thing, and white chocolate is a delightful way to show it. We offer products from vendors all over the United States. Some are swirling mixtures of white and dark chocolate, some are solid white chocolate bars. We hope that you find the white chocolate to meet your fancy. If you have any questions about our products please don't hesitate to contact us via the "customer service" link at the top of every page. Thank you for shopping at
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 Pistachio Pink Salt White Chocolate Bar:For a change from sea salt, Himalayan pink salt offers a nice touch of color and floral minerality.
 White Caramel Bar 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:This is a chewy & sweet treat with huge flavor. Each caramel bar is approximately 2 1/2 inches long of delicious caramel dipped in white chocolate.
 White Chocolate Honey Toffee:Creamy white chocolate slathered ontop of a crunchy honey butter toffee. If you like a crunch and lots of honey notes you're going to love this 1/2# of toffee.
 White Graham Crackers 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:This is a light, sweet & crunchy treat with huge flavor. Each graham cracker is dipped in white chocolate then drizzled with dark or milk chocolate.
 White Peanut Butter Ritz Crackers 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:Creamy peanut butter sandwiched between two Ritz crackers dipped into our white chocolate.
 White Trains 1/4 Pound Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean:We mold our delicious El Rey Caoba milk chocolate into solid white chocolate locomotives with M&M wheels and smoke stack.
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 Coffee Cognac Chocolate Truffles:Dark roast coffee-infused Cognac ganache in swirls of dark and white premium Belgian chocolate.
 Seashell And Beach Themed Wedding Favors:These beach themed wedding favors are the perfect choice whether your wedding is on the beach or you just wish it was. Chocolate starfish, sand dollars, scallop shells, and fish are the perfect choice to infuse your reception with the feeling of sun, sand, and water. Weight is approximate.
 Caramel Cream Cake In A Jar:A unique gift, a cake-in-a-jar. We layer wonderful flavors of chocolate cake, white chocolate buttercream and caramel sauce.
 8 Chocolate Covered Candy Heart Shaped Oreo Cookies: America's favorite cookie meets Valentine's Day. What a perfect combination. Our adorable candy heart chocolate covered Oreo cookies come individually wrapped in a cello bag. made with colored white chocolate confection. You will receive an assortment of messages. Sorry, no special requests. These 4 are the only phrases, you will receive...
Absolutely awesome flavor! I have searched for white chocolate caramels with sea salt for a long time - something about mixing the sweet with salt that is just so yummy! Being someone who prefers white chocolate over milk or dark, it has been quite a search. I also got some of the milk chocolate to try that was also excellent. The Dillsboro Chocolate Shop is high on my list of great chocolatiers & will remain a favorite. Even though we had a human error in packaging & shipping, the owner made it right expediently and with integrity and kind understanding - rare in today's world. - Victoria
 White Sea Salt Caramel Made W/ Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound:This is a bite size treat with huge flavor. Our white chocolate sea salted caramels are sweet, creamy, smooth chocolates with a dash of coarse ground sea salt on top for perhaps the most sublime mix of sweet and salty known to man. Sold individually.
 Peppermint Bark 8 Oz:Rich dark chocolate infused with pure peppermint oil and layered with creamy white chocolate adorned with peppermint swirls. Packaged in our tin box to retain minty freshness and finished with a satin red ribbon.

Helena Mini Signature Chocolate Box
 Helena Mini Signature Chocolate Box:White chocolate and coconut truffles
Coffee Bark
Delicious, perfect combo of white chocolate and coffee beans, two things my wife and I adore. - Mark Levine
 Coffee Bark:The aromatic flavor of crushed coffee beans mingles with the smooth creaminess of white chocolate.
White Chocolate Covered Pretzels
These were the best chocolate pretzels I've ever had! The white chocolate was really creamy and the pretzels were generously covered in it! - Mary Kretschmar
 White Chocolate Covered Pretzels:One pound of scrumptious white chocolate pretzels are hand dipped and are packaged in a chocolate brown gold stamped window gift box. Approx. 16 pieces.
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Red Hot Love Crunch Pail
 Red Hot Love Crunch Pail:White and Pink Coated Cereal with Cinnamon Red Hots in a Tin with hearts
White Chocolate Turtles Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound
product arrived in cooler with ice pack and was in good condition. very happy with purchase - KDF
 White Chocolate Turtles Gourmet Single Bean 1/4 Pound:It is all about the chocolate. We temper and mold our creamy white chocolate with fresh pecans and creamy caramel in the shape of a real turtle. Turtles are sold in quarter pound increments.
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Valentine Sporty Heart Pops
 Valentine Sporty Heart Pops:1 dozen sports themed heart shaped lollipops
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Assorted Chocolate Mustache Filled Tin
 Assorted Chocolate Mustache Filled Tin:I 'mustache' you a question... Will you be mine?
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Valentine's Heart White 6 Pieces
 Valentine's Heart White 6 Pieces:Melt your heart!
White Chocolate Truffles
So Delicious! I can't stop eating them.  They did arrive a few days later than they were supposed to, but that was UPS's fault, not this site's - Meghan Wheeler
 White Chocolate Truffles:Our buttery White Chocolate Truffles have a melt-in-your-mouth quality with a white chocolate ganache inside a sheath of white chocolate.
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Valentines Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Assortment
 Valentines Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Assortment:13 chocolated covered marshmallows with valentines sprinkles
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Artisanal Coconut Macadamia Blondie
 Artisanal Coconut Macadamia Blondie:This recipe adds a captivating tropical essence to the basic blondie with the addition of shredded coconut, roasted macadamia nuts, and chunks of dark and white chocolate. Makes the ultimate island inspired treat!
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Piece Of My Heart Chocolate Bars
 Piece Of My Heart Chocolate Bars:3 Belgian Milk Chocolate Bars with a pink heart in the center

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Take another look at white chocolate!

byCreek House Patisserie

A lot of people claim that they do not like white chocolate.  In reality, a lot of people do not like BAD white chocolate! What's the difference? A common ingredient in white chocolate is powdered milk instead of cream or whole milk. Powdered milk can be very overpowering in the white chocolate, and it can be a taste many people don't like.  Good quality white chocolate will contain NO powdered milk, but will use full cream instead.  The cream, along with cocoa butter and sugar gives the white chocolate a wholesome, pleasingly sweet and vanilla flavor. White chocolate does not contain the cocoa mass or liquor that dark chocolate and milk chocolate contain.  It should however contain a high percentage of cocoa butter instead of vegetable oil.
Our popular white chocolate truffles are made with a very high quality white chocolate that is made with cream and 35% cocoa butter.