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Sugar Plum Chocolates Now in our 18th year, Sugar Plum Chocolates is a family-owned company of artisanal chocolatiers, offering fine chocolates and unique confections. We select only the worlds finest ingredients for our chocolates and confections and produce them made-to-order ensuring unparalleled freshness, quality and taste. Every item that leaves our factory is made with our dedication to excellence and packaged with the utmost attention to detail to ensure perfection in every ...

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Ch\'up Cake Belgian Chocolate Gift Assortment
Exclusive Ch'up Cake Assortment Gift Pack Featuring All Four Variety's 
Chocolate Pizza \'Traditional\'
Chocolate Gavel
Chocolate Gavel is perfect for the Law graduate
Ch\'up Cake Cookies \'n Creme
Cookies 'n Creme Ch'up Cake  White Belgian Chocolate crushed cookies