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Chocolate for the Spirit Award-winning artisan Chocolatier- selected Top 5 Chocolate at 2011 New York Chocolate Show by gourmet magazine, "The Nibble" - and awarded prestigious Indiana Artisan Award for Excellence...recognized at Cincinnati Chocolate Show and more...we are so honored! Chocolate for the Spirit - Indulgence for the SoulWe are all about the Taste! That's why we use extreme premium Swiss chocolates for all our creations. You will taste ...

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Beer Ball Truffles
Looking for a new taste experience? Beer Balls (Truffles) Swiss Chocolate, Stout Beer Reduction, Pecan-Beer Brittle Crunch - all add up to an awesome treat that will leave you wanting favorite at Superbowl
Dark Chocolate Mayan Spice Bars
3 - 72% Dark Chocolate Mayan Cocoa God Spice Bars
Milk Chocolate Mayan Spice Bars
3 - 38% Milk Chocolate Mayan Cocoa God Spice Bars