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61 Wedding Gifts Found
Chocolate makes a delightful Wedding Gift. Are you looking for an elegant gift to an elegant couple? A fancy chocolate gift box can help you express your joy and excitement to the newlyweds. Are you looking to spend a certain dollar amount? We encourage you to filter the product selection by choosing your price range. If you are certain you want to give chocolate but not certain which gift is the best option, perhaps the ideal option is to send a gift certificate. We offer gift certificates in the amount of $50, $100 or $200, and they can be delivered in person or via email. In 1893, Queen Mary received a tiara for a wedding gift. It was presented by Lady Eve Graville and was studded with diamonds and pearls. The same tiara was later given to Princess Elizabeth on her wedding day in 1947. Few of us have the means to match such a gift. But, all of us can impress the bride and groom with thoughtful words and a gift that is the right fit. We hope you find a chocolate gift that works for you and please remember that you can enter your gift note during the checkout process. Thanks for shopping at
 Bride And Groom Large Milk Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
 Congratulations Large Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Will You Marry Me Alphabet Marble Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Joy In Each Other Large Milk Chocolate Letters:What Candy Says LLC
 Congratulations Alphabet Marble Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Congrats Alphabet Milk Chocolate Gift:What Candy Says LLC
 Pate De Fruit Sampler:18 Pieces of Pate de Fruit. Flavors may include Black Currant, Kiwi, Raspberry, Coconut, Morello Cherry, Passion Fruit, Mango, Lychee, Pear, Mandarin, Strawberry and Caribbean Cocktail.
 Wedding Gourmet Fortune Cookies CLASSIC STYLE:Wedding Fortune Cookies bring good fortune to any Wedding or Bridal Shower! Delight them with a tantalizing assortment of Belgian Chocolate, Caramel and Confection Dipped Cookies -they're complete with Love Messages!
 Grand Gathering:Make everyone feel special when they receive this basket overflowing with opulent goodies...
 18 Pcs French Smoked Sea Salt Caramel:A creamy milk chocolate version of our original caramel, which is handmade with organic blue agave nectar. We compliment this delightful pairing with individual packets of Fumee de Sel, a unique French sea salt that is gently smoked with staves of Chardonnay oak wine barrels. Enjoy this timeless classic plain, or with a sprinkle of Fumee de Sel.
 18 Pcs French Gray Sea Salt Caramel: For the discerning purist, Amella offers an old-time favorite. Our original caramel is hand made with organic blue agave nectar and dipped in rich dark chocolate. Included are individual packets of Sel Gris, a mineral-rich gray sea salt harvested and collected by hand using traditional Celtic methods within the coastal areas of Brittany,...
 18 Pcs All Natural Decadent Dessert Caramel Collection:Assorted Gift Set of 6 Amella Packs: 2 Carrot Cake, 2 Black Forest, 2 Passion Fruit all wrapped and tied with a bow.

12 White Vintage Lace Designer Oreos
 12 White Vintage Lace Designer Oreos:One Dozen Box of Wilbur Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies, decorated with the White Vintage Lace design on Wilbur chocolate. Our designs are produced using edible food-grade ink mixed with a cocoa butter base. The design melts right in to the chocolate, so there is no taste or texture, just the silky chocolate on our crunchy Oreos!

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