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Mayan Heat Bar
 5 Reviews
Named to honor Earth's first chocolatiers, Mayan Heat reaches back across the millennia - Cayenne was used with cacao by the Mayans. Currants and cranberries add a touch of sweetness. But be warned... this hot chocolate pulls no punches!
Vanilla Hazelnut Bar
 2 Reviews
This is where vanilla, cacao, and hazelnut meet and fall in love. It was inevitable, given vanilla's luscious flavor, antioxidants, and immune-enhancing polysaccharides; hazelnut's crunch, proanthocyanidins for the blood, and folate for the heart; and cacao's encyclopedic benefits and delights. 100% vegan dark cho...
Cashew Goji Cherry Bar
 5 Reviews
A fusion of East and West whose taste and texture you'll not forget. Soft-sweet goji berries and tangy cherries gift their iron for your beauty, and blood health. Rich in both protein and heart-healthy oleic acid, nuggets of raw, crunchy cashews nestled happily in-between.
Cool Peppermint Bar
 1 Review
Fresh and clean, powered by chlorophyll. Cool chlorophyll is a powerful anti-oxidant and tissue repairer. Peppy peppermint - often called "the world's oldest medicine" calms the stomach, and stimulates the body and mind. Let Cool Peppermint roll up its leaves to make you the strongest kid on the block.
Almond Fig Spice Raw Chocolate
 1 Review
This is an exotic, aromatic treat that compliments and enhances Gnosis' unique flavor and texture. Sweet, chewy figs, cranberries, and currants burst with antioxidant and cleansing power, and a subtle note of cinnamon (that helps metabolize glucose) kisses you goodbye until next time...
Vegan Coffee Toffee 1/2 Lb Gold Tent Gift Box
We've flavored our rich vegan toffee with coffee, hand dipped it in our vegan Swiss dark chocolate couverture and covered it with chopped pecans.
Chakra Truffle Box
 10 ReviewsAvail. Upon Request  
The Chocoveda Chakra Truffle Box is the most unique chocolate gift you can give. Balance you chakras while you indulge in 7 delicious flavors of vegan dark chocolate. The gift of Chocoveda chocolate truffles not only leaves you with a great taste in your mouth, but it also nourishes your spirit. Chocoveda truffle...
The Goddess Box
 3 ReviewsAvail. Upon Request  
This Goddess chocolate truffle box is a 12 piece box of chocolates that comes with a 16 page chocolate meditation guide that inspires, entertains and connects women with their inner goddess.  The flavors are WILD STRAWBERRY, GORGEOUS GUAVA, AND PINK GRAPEFRUIT.  Each truffle also contains an Ayurvedic herbal tonic...
Honey Ginger Bar
Avail. Upon Request  
This bar gets your taste buds buzzing! Wrapped in Gnosis' rich, raw dark chocolate are: ginger for its warming qualities; gingko biloba to help your blood circulate that warmth, and; the antioxidants, endurance enhancers, and sweetness of honey, bee pollen, propolis, and royal jelly.
Orange Blossom Bar
Avail. Upon Request  
This spicy citrus bouquet bursts from its box with a zest you'll taste while still unwrapping! Nourished by the fruit's essential oils and suffused with its aroma are the raw, crunchy, protein-rich raw almonds and heart-healthy cashews Gnosis has embedded in this symphony of delightful notes.
Blackberry Mint Bar
Avail. Upon Request  
This is a delicious stroll through a peppermint patch while picking fresh, ripe blackberries! Ripe blackberries, bursting sweet and tart, bring you their powerful antioxidants, while cool, refreshing peppermint's menthols help dilate blood vessels to facilitate antioxidant delivery.
Lemon Berry Rose Bar
Avail. Upon Request  
A constellation of earthly delights that entrance the senses while strengthening mind and body. Lemon Berry Rose's ingredients support the immunity power of Vitamin C, and strawberries, goji berries, and cherries supply iron and a host of other benefits. Let this bar romance you and be changed forever.
Chocolate Covered Coconut Brownies 12 Pc Box
Avail. Upon Request  
Our decadent bite-sized coconut brownies are coated in our signature dark chocolate and topped with toasted coconut shavings.

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