Orange Twigs
A decadent mix of Chocolate and Orange.
Orange And Lemon Marzipan Collection Boxed Assortment 20pc
Two flavors of our signature Chocolate Covered Marzipan
16 Piece Orange Chocolate Truffles
4 Sizes Avail  
Fresh orange rind steeped in cream creates a beautiful citrus ganache for these 1/2oz truffles.
Orange And Lemon Marzipan Edible Box
Now you can eat the box as well as the confections inside!
The lighter side of chocolate fudge, with zesty fresh fruity flavors: coconut, orange, lemon. CocoFruity Fine Chocolate Fudge Pack includes: Rosie Posy, Lemon Shiver, and Hang Loose. Total 15 pieces of fruity dark chocolate fudge.
Deluxe Boxed Assortment With Nuts Pralines And Caramels
Like nuts? Like chocolate? Like chocolate and nuts? Our Nuts, Pralines, and Caramels Boxed assortment is for you!
Masterpiece Collection III
3 Sizes Avail  
An elegant gift of chocolate
1/2 lb Ballotin of Gourmet Chocolates
3 Sizes Avail  
An elegant gift for chocolate connoisseurs
1/4 lb Ballotin of Gourmet Chocolates
3 Sizes Avail  
A sampling of handmade chocolates
Masterpiece Collection I
3 Sizes Avail  
An Exquisite Gift for Chocolate Connoisseurs
Masterpiece Collection II
3 Sizes Avail  
Gourmet confections for chocophiles
Candied Orange and Dark Chocolate, a Succulent Pairing
70 Per Cent Single Origin Mandarin Orange Bar
70% single origin chocolate with mandarin orange oil, one of Ecuador's native flavors, summer 2008 harvest. Mandarin orange imparts a calming, clearing aroma to our bars.
Dark Chocolate With Orange Peel
64 percent cocoa makes this rich dark chocolate with a hint of orange peel wonderful and healthful! Kosher
New Delhi Indian Spice Cookie
Valencia Orange-Curry Scented Cookie
ORANGE Classic Large Bar
ORANGE MILK ORGANIC AND FAIR TRADE 50% PURE MILK CHOCOLATE WITH ORANGE FLAVOR-A timeless moment of relaxation, milk chocolate.
Mother\'s Day Caramel Collection
2 Chicks with Chocolate's most talked about product! Our smooth rich caramels are really over the top this season with flavors such as Strawberry, Lemongrass, Drunken Vanilla, Blood Orange, Cabernet, and Coffee Caramel. This box is definitely one to impress and a MUST-HAVE for caramel lovers!
Sicily Italian Wine Cookie
 1 Review
Italian Wine Cookie
Assorted Chocolate Truffles 9 Piece Box
The nine-piece pink box has something for everyone! A variety of white, milk and dark chocolate ganache flavors in this box are inspired by classic chocolate ganache flavors in this box are inspired by classic sweet combinations. Adorable designs on each chocolate keep the guess work out of choosing that favorite pi...
Snowman Popcorn Ball Pop
This adorable Snowman popcorn ball is perfect for stocking stuffers and to adorn packages. This popcorn ball is covered in white chocolate, and white non-pareils to make up his snowy head. His cute face is all hand painted with dark and orange chocolate, and a milk chocolate hand dipped marshmallow sits atop his h...
Double Pretzel Log \'Pumpkin\'
Double pretzel logs are hand dipped in milk chocolate, drizzled in white chocolate, with a orange chocolate pumpkin on top. Comes with 6 pieces total.
Halloween Take Out Boxes With Milk Chocolate Pretzels
Boxes filled with hand-dipped, chocolate-covered pretzels
Pumpkin Popcorn Ball
Our Halloween Pumpkin is a popcorn ball covered in orange chocolate, with dark chocolate face, and candy pumpkin on top. Fun to hand out to all your little pumpkins for Halloween.
Shuk Mini Signature Chocolate Box
3 Sizes Avail  
Dark rum and orange flavored milk chocolate confections
Aequare 4 Bar Sampler Pack
Avail. Upon Request  
This sampler kit includes one each of our bars, including our 55%, 70%, 70% with Lemongrass, and 70% with Mandarin Orange. Save $3 when purchasing this kit instead of purchasing these items separately.
Pistachio Cardamom And Orange Hand Painted Dark Chocolate
Avail. Upon Request  
Our Pistache dark chocolate bar is enhanced by the delightful nutty crunch of lightly toasted pistachios and add a hint of sea salt. We then add a touch of orange essence and exotic cardamom - the flavor of which defies the boundaries of normal sensory comparisons. We go on to apply a unique finish where we splatter...
8pc Assorted Truffles
Avail. Upon Request  
8pc Gourmet Dessert Truffles, comes in four different flavors: Rich Double Chocolate, Chocolate mocha, Dark Chocolate Orange, and White Chocolate Raspberry
Orange Ginger Bark Fair Trade Organic
Avail. Upon Request  
Dark Chocolate/Orange and Ginger Bark- Combine the sweetness of an orange with the strong flavor of ginger coated in the finest dark chocolate and it's a scrumptious bark. This is a favorite by many. All of our Dark Chocolate Barks are Vegan, Gluten Free, Organic and Fair Trade Certified.
Breakfast Chocolate Truffle Sampler
 2 ReviewsAvail. Upon Request  
3 Orange and 3 Espresso (Toscano) Chocolate Truffles, 3 Cinnamon Roll Bon Bons!
8 Piece Cranberry Orange Chocolate Truffles
Avail. Upon Request  
Ripe cranberries, fresh orange, the flavors pop!
8 Piece Large Orange Chocolate Truffles
2 Sizes Avail  Avail. Upon Request  
Fresh orange rind steeped in cream creates a beautiful citrus ganache for these 1/2oz truffles.
9 Piece Cranberry Orange Chocolate Truffles
2 Sizes Avail  Avail. Upon Request  
Ripe cranberries, fresh orange, the flavors pop!
Trick Or Treat Chocolate Basket
 1 ReviewAvail. Upon Request  
Great little chocolate treats for your little gobblins

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