Gold gift box

Organic Fresh Raspberry Truffles
Organic Fresh Raspberry Truffles are made from fresh organic raspberries, pureed, then strained into a rich raspberry syrup. Then, we infuse this puree into a ganache in a dark chocolate shell. We then drizzle with white chocolate dyed a deep raspberry red by organic red beet cocoa butter. You'll love these! It's an...
Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Petites
~ Enjoy the Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate drizzle and hand wrapped in Caramel Gourmet Pretzel Petite ~
Gingerbread Chocolate Cookie Gift Boxes
A combination of two great flavors - Gingerbread and Chocolate! Six of these delicious 2.5" x 3.5" milk chocolate gingerbread men are individually wrapped and packaged in each festive gold gift box - a perfect holiday gift. These milk chocolate topped cookies are a hit anywhere, anytime. Case of 8 boxes. Total of 48...
9pc Gourmet Pretzel Rod Gift Case
This red design is perfect for the Holiday Season, the fun & sturdy window boxes feature a soft cord handle, making this a great Grab & Go gift for anyone who walks through your doors!
26pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box \'\'Scarlet\'Gold\'\'
This two-layer gift box is packed with 26 of Mom's Gourmet Pretzels in a variety of sizes. The perfect option when you just can't decide which of Mom's Gourmet Pretzels to send! Your family, friends, and clients will thank you. Now with two design options for the perfect presentation, finished with hand-tied satin r...
4pc Gourmet Pretzel Mixed Case With Moms Mix
~ Ordering quality you can see & taste with Mom's Rod Gift Case it is the perfect way to have Gourmet Pretzel Rods around your home or office for a quick and easy treat ~
28pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box \'\'Scarlet\'Gold\'\'
Two layers of Mom's Gourmet Pretzel Petites fill these attractive, re-usable Gift Boxes. Mom's Gourmet Pretzels make great gifts for any occasion and to have around the house or office when you need that little something. As a corporate gift it will impress clients with your originality and polished presentation. No...
6pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box \'\'Scarlet\'Gold\'\'
"Good things come in small packages!" 6 Petite Gourmet Pretzels, with a sampling of every Mom's Originals flavor, fill this adorable gift box - now with two designs to choose from. These re-usable designer gift boxes, with hand-tied satin ribbons, will impress others with your originality of giving Mom's Gourmet Pre...
14pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box \'\'Scarlet\'Gold\'\'
Filled with 14 mouth-watering Caramel wrapped, Chocolate dipped, Gourmet Pretzel Rods, you're sure to satisfy family, friends, and co-workers with something unique and tasty. Two box designs and hand-tied satin ribbon will impress others with your originality.
11pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box \'\'Scarlet\'Gold\'\'
Sure to please those Gourmet Pretzel cravings both big and small. This Gourmet Gift Box is filled with our Caramel wrapped, Chocolate dipped, Pretzel Rods and Minis. Present a polished look that will impress clients, family, and friends. Re-use when the goodness is gone.
Mom\'s Assortment Gourmet Gift Box \'\'Scarlet\'Gold\'\'
This re-usable, multi-layer, designer Gift Box with Mom's Assortment means you can indulge in it all! Mom's Gourmet Pretzels, in every size, and a bag of Mom's Mix are all included. Choose from two designs to fit your gifting needs, both finished with hand-tied satin ribbons. Unique for any occasion, to have around ...
Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Minis
Enjoy these hand wrapped in Caramel dipped in Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Minis
Caramel Dark And White Chocolate Gourmet Pretzel Rod
~ Enjoy the Dark Chocolate with White Chocolate drizzle and hand wrapped in Caramel Gourmet Pretzel Rod ~
Caramel Dark Chocolate And Walnut Gourmet Pretzel Petites
~ Enjoy the Dark Chocolate with Walnut and hand wrapped in Caramel Gourmet Pretzel Petite ~
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