Dark Chocolate Truffle Fudge Bites With French Grey Sea Salt
Four 1 oz truffle fudge bites of smooth and creamy dark chocolate, coated in semi-sweet chocolate, and sprinkled with imported French Grey sea salt. Winner of the prestigious NASFT Gold sofi Award for Outstanding Chocolate of 2009.
MR FRENCH Gourmet Sea Salt Fudge
Artisanal dark chocolate fudge with fancy-schmancy gourmet salt. Ooo-la-lah.
Creme Brulee Truffles
For our Creme Brulee Truffles, we replace the ramekin with our signature dark chocolate to make a more complete dessert.
Edinburgh Chocolate Shortbread Cookie
Classic Chocolate Shortbread Cookie
CROCO Style Gift Box 144 Pieces
Impressive Luxurious Very Large Faux Croc Box with a window for viewing 144 pieces of French, Fresh Handmade Artisan Chocolate. No preservative and understated sugar content.
16 Pieces Chef Assortment  Gift Box
Assortment of Milk and Dark Chocolates and some white like Japanese Green Tea
WOOD Sliding Box 18 Pieces
Luxurious Long Wood box with sliding drawer that contains 18 different High End Artisan Handmade chocolate. Assorted Chocolates.
Classic FRENCH Ballotin One And Half Pound
Medium size multu layer Box from French Artisan Chocolatier
Avail. Upon Request
CROCO Style Chest Gift Box 36 Pieces
Avail. Upon Request
4 Pieces Chef Assortment Gift Box
Avail. Upon Request
The Blue Ribbon Assortment 1 Lb
2 Sizes Avail
Avail. Upon Request
9 Pieces Chef Assortment
Avail. Upon Request
9 Pieces   Dark Truffles Gift Box
Avail. Upon Request
Milk Chocolate Truffle
Avail. Upon Request
My Garden
Avail. Upon Request
TOWER  Rectangular Large
3 Sizes Avail
Avail. Upon Request
TOWER Square
Avail. Upon Request
Happiest Birthday Wishes Gift Basket
Avail. Upon Request
Royal Exotic
Avail. Upon Request
9 Pieces  Exotic  Gift Box
Avail. Upon Request
9 Pieces  Fruit Chocolate  Gift Box
Avail. Upon Request
Wood Pyramid
Avail. Upon Request
9 Pieces Tea Assortment  Gift Box
Avail. Upon Request
WOOD Sliding Box 12p
Avail. Upon Request
2 Pieces Chef Assortment
Avail. Upon Request
WOOD Sliding Box 24pieces

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If you are buying premium chocolate for your own enjoyment, we suggest dark chocolate (and it's wonderful health benefits) or snack on chocolate covered pretzels.

We proudly serve thousands of international customers who send chocolate to the US to celebrate the birthday or anniversary of a husband, wife, daughter or son. We also offer gifts to India, the UK and many more countries via UPS International. California and New York are home to many vendors. All chocolate shop locations can be found on the map of USA chocolate shops. We offer local delivery service with free shipping options for many gifts and gift baskets.

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