Creek House 12  Pc Double Dark Chocolate Truffles
 14 Reviews4 Sizes Avail  
12 Classic dome shaped bittersweet chocolate truffles filled with a creamy all dark chocolate center. 56% Dark chocolate ganache filling is enrobed with our 72% cacao bittersweet chocolate. A must for the dark chocolate lover! Gift boxed in a beautiful ballotin (a classically shaped box for truffles) and dark brown ...
Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend 3 Lb Jar By Dilettante
The perfect gift for the coffee and chocolate lover alike - crunchy espresso beans covered in creamy chocolate. Whole roasted coffee beans are double coated with premium blends of milk, dark and white chocolate.
Dark Chocolate  Sauce 12 Oz
 1 Review
World's Greatest Dark Chocolate Espresso Sauce & Topping, 12 oz
Classic Collection Boxed Assortment 20pc
Classic confections with the Charles Chocolate touch.
16 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles
Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
DoGoodie Espresso Bean Brownie 6 Piece Box
Indulge in six of our delicious Espresso Bean Do-Goodie Brownies baked with 100% All Natural ingredients, no preservatives and Real Belgian Chocolate chips.
Deluxe Boxed Assortment With Classic Collection
Like the Classic Collection but need something bigger?
9 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles
 1 Review2 Sizes Avail  
Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Milk Chocolate Espresso Truffles
Please order at least 2 business days in advance of shipping date. Beautifully tempered premium  milk chocolate outer shell filled with a luscious dark chocolate and espresso ganache. Milk chocolate and coffee pair so well together, and our centers are very creamy! Bulk packed in brown candy cups.  For optimum fre...
Los Angeles Triple Chocolate Cookie
 3 Reviews
Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookie with Walnuts and Pecans
Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce
 1 Review
A chocolate fudge sauce that will be hard to keep closed. Imported dark chocolate turned ooey-gooey for any dessert.
Cafe Gourmet Premium Coffee Gift Basket
Impress anyone with this beautiful gift basket filled with premium coffees, sweets and great java go-togethers - enough for all to share! Save this one for your closest friends and most important business clients. Your great gift features a selection of premium coffees, Torani Almond Hazelnut Biscotti, Bali's Best E...
24 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles
Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
Assorted DoGoodie Brownies 12 Piece Box
Avail. Upon Request  
Indulge in twelve of our delicious Do-Goodie brownies, baked with 100% All Natural ingredients, no preservatives and Real Belgian Chocolate. Includes 4 each of our delicious flavors: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Walnut Fudge Brownie, Espresso Bean Brownie, and Brown Sugar Blondie.
Espresso With Cocoa Nibs Hand Painted Milk Chocolate Bar
 1 ReviewAvail. Upon Request  
Our Moka premium hand crafted milk chocolate bar begins with a touch of raw cocoa nibs which create a unique depth of flavor and a rich nutty texture. Then we finely grind espresso and add just enough to meld together with our perfectly crafted milk chocolate into mocha perfection. To complete the total experience, ...
Assorted DoGoodie Brownies 6 Piece Box
Avail. Upon Request  
Indulge in six of our delicious Do-Goodie brownies baked with 100% All Natural ingredients, no preservatives and Real Belgian Chocolate. Includes an assortment of Chocolate Fudge Brownies, Walnut Fudge Brownies, Espresso Bean Brownies, and Brown Sugar Blondies.
Breakfast Chocolate Truffle Sampler
 2 ReviewsAvail. Upon Request  
3 Orange and 3 Espresso (Toscano) Chocolate Truffles, 3 Cinnamon Roll Bon Bons!
8 Piece Large Espresso Chocolate Truffles
 1 Review4 Sizes Avail  Avail. Upon Request  
Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
The Cafe Boutique
 1 Review3 Sizes Avail  Avail. Upon Request  
Who doesn't love coffee and desserts? This beautiful 8-pc. box presents Espresso, Cup O' Joe, & Creamy Cappuccino, together with Tiramisu, All-American Apple Pie, Black Forest Cake & Jelly Donut, plus our signature Chocolate Caramel in Dark Chocolate Q!
The Cafe Collection
3 Sizes Avail  Avail. Upon Request  
Who doesn't love coffee & desserts? Flavors include Cup O' Joe, Espresso, Creamy Cappuccino, Cafe au Lait, Caramel Macchiato, and Hot, Hot Cocoa, plus All-American Apple Pie, Black Forest Cake, Jelly Doughnut, Blue Ribbon Cherry Pie, Bear Claw, New England Blueberry Muffin & Chocolate Layer Cake & our signature Dark...

About specializes in local delivery of truffles, cookies, and cakes. Our chocolate shops are located in major cities across the USA and Canada. If you are looking to order chocolate online, for delivery by a provider in the neighborhood of your recipient, we can help you. We are happy to serve customers who are looking to send a birthday gift, thank you gift, or to buy something special for their own enjoyment. For your flexibilty, allows payment via Paypal, Google Checkout. In consideration of the gift recipient, none of our deliveries include a printed invoice. All orders have the option of including a gift note, and you can select specific delivery dates to ensure that your gift will be delivered for a special day such as an anniversary. Do you have a list of gift recipients? Maybe you are sending one gift to all of your business contacts or family? We can help. Just send us your spreadsheet and we will load all of your addresses into one order. Contact us for more deatils. Thank you for shopping at!


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The Global Chocolate Network is a network of shops offering product variety and local delivery. We feature chocolatiers and bakers that have a distinct creative touch. As a result, our product selection boasts a variety of ideas, ingredients, and styles. We offer popular items such as truffles, dark chocolate, and gift baskets. But we also offer unique items that will bring a delightful surprise to your loved one. We know that sending a gift requires several things: You need the right type of chocolate, packaged beautifully, to be delivered on a specific date with your gift message included. Our goal is to make this happen for you. Thank you for shopping with us.
I am getting married 1 week from tomorrow, but felt compelled to tell you about one of your employees. Ann. I have been e-mailing Ann for over 1 month and put a favor order together for my wedding. They arrived and I they looked just like the picture.The main reason I wanted to drop you a note was to commend Ann. From the very first e-mail until my chocolate was received her response time was just wonderful. I heard so many horror stories about dealing with an online company when you have no idea when they will contact you next. I never had any feeling of discomfort. Ann made me feel so at ease and comfortable the whole time...Ann was exceptional and in this day and age that is not common. Her customer service is beyond compared to others. - Fran"Thanks so much for the chocolates that were sent to my mom today!! She called me and said they were absolutely beautiful and VERY delicious!! :) I am very happy with my experience and would recommend your company to anyone. The customer service that you've provided is hard to come by - THANKS SO MUCH!! - Theresa B from