Enjou chocolates

Best Seller
Chocolate High Heel Shoe
Chocolate Aspirin
A solid chocolate aspirin in a box, 3" in diameter...for a big headache! If this doesn't help, nothing will!
Get Well Chocolate Feet
Delicious Chocolate Feet with the inscription, "Hope you're back on your feet again soon."
Chocolate Mom
A great milk chocolate treat for a well-deserved Mom
Chocolate Numbers
A Pair of Chocolate Numbers for any occasion: Birthday, Anniversary, and more... Please specify number desired during checkout.
Valentine\'s Heart Assortment
A cute Valentine Heart filled with approximately .25 lb. of chocolates from Enjou's Connoisseur Collection (assorted, popular chocolates).
Chocolate Gift Basket
Our Traditional basket is perfect for any occasion! May include: An Enjou Chocolat Bar, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Hand-dipped Pretzels, Gourmet Nuts, Nonpareils, gourmet assorted chocolates, and foiled solid chocolates. ingredients and basket or container may vary
Valentine\'s Day I Love You  Puzzle
A cute one for the kids. A real puzzle made of milk, dark or white chocolate.
Small Gun
Small chocolate gun/revolver/pistol.
One Pound Connoisseur ALL DARK CHOCOLATES
An All Dark combination of our elegant truffles, decadent creams, smooth caramels and delicious chocolate covered nuts. Beautifully packaged.
Peace Sign
Great gift for the peace-lover in your life. Get one for a Hippie! Available in Delicious Milk or Dark Chocolate.
Video Game Controller
Video Game Controller for that fan of gaming.......the best part is that it is totally edible.
Hand Dipped Chocolate Covered Oreos
A Baker's Dozen of everyone's favorite cookie dipped in Enjou's exquisite homemade milk and dark chocolate.
Half Pound Connoisseur Collection
A combination of our elegant truffles, decadent creams, smooth caramels, chocolate covered nuts and more. This Assortment of our most popular pieces is beautifully packaged with our trademark boxes and bow.
Chocolate Gun
This chocolate revolver would make the lone ranger and billy the kid proud. This gun comes with 6 silver bullets and made of Enjou's delicious milk chocolate.
Get Well Basket Size1
This sure to cure Enjou Get Well Basket may include Enjou's gourmet assorted chocolates, chocolate covered graham crackers, chocolate covered Oreos, gourmet nuts, America's favorite ... chocolate covered pretzels, and a chocolate Aspirin. Ingredients and basket or container may vary
An All Dark combination of our elegant truffles, decadent creams, smooth caramels and delicious chocolate covered nuts. Beautifully packaged.
Large Chocolate Gift Basket
Our Traditional basket is perfect for any occasion! Includes: An Enjou Chocolat Bar, Chocolate Covered Oreos, Hand-dipped Pretzels, Chocolate Covered Grahams, 4-piece truffles, Gourmet Nuts, Nonpareils, 1/2 lb. connoisseur collection, and foiled chocolates.
Chocolate Shark
Solid milk chocolate shark
Valentine Key To My Heart
A perfect Valentine's Day gift! Two halves of a heart connected with a red chocolate key.
Sugar Free Collection Half Pound
An assortment of our sugar free nuts, jellies, caramels, and creams, and almond bark. Sweetened with maltitol, this assortment has all the taste without the sugar.
Easter Floppy Bunny Senior
Enjou's Senior, Floppy Eared Bunny is over 1 1/4 pounds of delicious milk chocolate. Almost too cute to eat...Almost!
Thanksgiving Chocolate Turkey Puzzle
Solid chocolate puzzle pieces in the shape of a turkey. Kids love to eat the pieces one at a time. Happy Thanksgiving! Gobble...gobble!
Chocolate Covered Popcorn
Sweet and Salty! Delicious Chocolate Covered Popcorn that comes in a festive, carnival-style box. Comes completes with a beautiful, handmade bow and curling ribbon!
Valentine Connoisseur Collection Velvet Heart \'Half Pound\'
A plush red velvet Valentine Heart filled with approximately 1/2 lb. of chocolates from Enjou's Connoisseur Collection (assorted chocolate covered nuts, caramels, jellies, fruits, cremes and truffles).
Hanukkah Chocolate Dreidel
Happy Chanukah! Our chocolate dreidel may be a bit too delicate to spin more than a few times, but it's yumm
Edible Snowman Box
Our edible 5-inch snowman-shaped box is chockfull of Enjou's delicately mouthwatering nonpareils. Mmm!
White Chocolate Edible Heart Box Filled With Truffles
Enjou's creamy white chocolate Valentine Heart filled with 7 heavenly truffles.
Milk Chocolate Home Sweet Home Key
This milk chocolate key makes a perfect housewarming gift. Measures approximately 4 inches wide by 9 inches long
5 Spring Chocolate Tulip Lollies
Set Of Milk Chocolate Keys
A set of Milk Chocolate keys. Each measure approximately 4 inches long
Bass Fish Set
A terrific gift idea for any fishing enthusiast. Three Bass already in a box!
Halloween Crispy Cluster
This spooky chocolate halloween rice crispy cluster complete with a chocolate spider will definitely make you run for more!
It\'s A Boy Chocolate Cigars
Celebrate the new arrival with chocolate cigars!
It\'s A Girl Chocolate Cigars
Celebrate the new arrival with chocolate cigars!
Easter Eggs Foiled Milk Chocolate
One pound of milk chocolate Easter eggs foiled in beautiful colors to brighten any Easter basket.
Irish R Number 1
Show you are proud to be Irish with this solid chocolate bar. A great gift for St. Patrick's Day!
Candy Corn
Trick or Treat! A full pound of everyone's favorite Halloween treat, Candy Corn!
Thanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Lolly
Thanksgiving Pilgrim Boy Lolly is great for placesettings at your Thanksgiving table.
American Flag Lolly
American Flag Lolly decorated in Red White and Blue and made of delicious milk chocolate.
Truffle Collection ALL DARK 1 1/4 LB
A collection of all dark assorted chocolate truffles. Our Truffle Collections may include hazelnut, raspberry, rum, mocha, caramel, chocolate, butter pecan, cappuccino and more. Sure to impress even the most serious chocolate lover.
Springtime High Heel Shoe
A chocolate high heel shoe that will brighten any day!
Milk And Dark Chocolate Covered Cherries
Have a cherry! Try this chocolate classic done the Enjou way. Chocolate covered cordial cherries available in delicious Milk and Dark Chocolate.
Halloween Witch
A beautifully hand decorated spooky chocolate witch
Love And Kisses
Milk Chocolate Love & Kisses Heart.
Cowboy Hat
Milk Chocolate Cowboy Hat
Enjou\'s Almond Butter Crunch
Almond Buttercrunch is our own butter toffee center dipped in a layer of milk chocolate and sprinkled with chopped, roasted almonds. Truly an American classic and one of Enjou's #1 sellers.
Chocolate 100
Celebrate a big birthday or anniversary with a milk chocolate 100!
Milk Chocolate Key
Impressive solid milk chocolate key suitable for many occasions. Great for that new home owner as well as for realtors to give their clients.
MOM Lollipop
Give Mom a sweet gift of delicious milk chocolate for Mother's Day, or any day!

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