Dilettante chocolate

Ephemere Chocolate Truffles 12 Piece Milk And Dark Chocolate
Gourmet Milk and Dark Chocolate Truffles made with our special Ephemere Chocolate family recipe. Smooth, creamy chocolate ganache centers hand dipped in premium chocolate blends.
Chocolate Covered Bing Cherry Dragees 24 Oz Pouch PACK Of 2
Dried Bing Cherries from the Western USA, covered in our darkest milk chocolate are a delectable delicacy. Indulge in a chocolate covered cherry experience like no other.
Chocolate Espresso Bean Blend 3 Lb Jar By Dilettante
The perfect gift for the coffee and chocolate lover alike - crunchy espresso beans covered in creamy chocolate. Whole roasted coffee beans are double coated with premium blends of milk, dark and white chocolate.
Deluxe Chocolate Basket With 13 Gourmet Chocolate Truffles
A basket made with real couverture chocolate and filled with 13 of Dilettantes finest hand-dipped gourmet truffles. Adorned with an elegant tulle bow.
4 Oz Deluxe Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Assortment PACK Of 2
Eight of Dilettante's finest hand-dipped truffles are nestled in a beautiful silver gift box and toppped with a hand-tied bow. High quality, gourmet confections from the Pacific Northwest.
2 Oz Deluxe Gourmet Chocolate Truffle Assortment PACK Of 4
Four of Dilettante's finest hand-dipped truffles packaged in a beautiful silver gift box. Each gourmet chocolate truffle is made with the finest ingredients to ensure a high quality, delicious gift.
Chocolate Brandied Cherries 6 Piece Gift Box PACK Of 2
Pacific Northwest cherries infused with high quality brandy and dipped in bittersweet dark chocolate. Six pieces wrapped in vibrant pink and fuschia colored foils.
Chocolate Covered Fruit Medley Dragees 24 Oz Pouch PACK Of 2
Luscious dried fruit centers coated in the finest blends of milk, dark and white chocolate make a divine treat. Dilettante's Fruit Medley features Cherries, Blueberries, Apricots and Strawberries.
Aristocrats Gift Box 12 Piece Assorted Dark Chocolates
The perfect choice for the Dark Chocolate Lover. This premium assortment features 12 pieces of Dilettante's gourmet dark chocolates - Nut Clusters, Caramels, Truffles and more in a beautiful gift box.
Chocolate Covered Blueberry Dragees 24 Oz Pouch PACK Of 2
These tasty morsels are made using only the finest couverture quality chocolate and premium dried fruit. Each dried blueberry center is double coated in blends of pure white, milk and dark chocolate.
Strawberry Truffles In Semisweet Chocolate 25 Piece Bulk Box
Sweet strawberry flavor and rich semisweet chocolate come together in these decadent Strawberry Chocolate Truffles. Each velvety chocolate ganache center is made with a blend of premium semisweet chocolate and natural strawberry flavor, then coated with a rich semisweet chocolate shell.
Ephemere Chocolate Truffle Sauce 5lb Jug
Chocolates Ephemere Truffle Sauce - Make better chocolate beverages - Chocolate Martini Recipes, Mochas and Hot Chocolate
Sea Salted Caramel Sauce Dessert Topping PACK Of 3 Jars
Dilettante presents our Sea Salted Caramel Sauce & Dessert Topping. This decadent topping is made with velvety caramel and real sea salt for a salty-sweet topping that complements desserts and beverages nicely.
Sea Salted Caramel Coffee Spoons PACK Of 2 Gift Boxes
Coffee and chocolate are a delicious combination, add salted caramel to the mix and you have a flavor that's out of this world.
Original Dark Chocolate Decadence Cookies PACK Of 3
Rich, buttery shortbread cookies are the heart of this decadent delight. Each all natural cookie is dipped in dark chocolate couverture - Bon appetit!
Coconut Chocolate Decadence Cookies PACK Of 3
Delight in the rich flavors of coconut, shortbread, and dark chocolate. Made with all natural ingredients for a premium gourmet treat.
Candy Cane Coffee Spoon Gift Box PACK Of 2
Stir in a delicious peppermint flavor with Candy Cane Coffee Spoons. A great gift idea during Holiday times or anytime.
Apricots In Premium Milk Chocolate 5 Lb Bulk Bag
Golden dried apricots unite with rich milk, dark and white chocolate for a gourmet treat you're sure to love. Luscious fruit centers are thickly coated with premium gourmet chocolate.
Strawberries In Premium Chocolate 5 Lb Bulk Bag
Luscious dried strawberries coated in three kinds of rich gourmet chocolate. Our premium chocolate covered strawberries are made fresh in the Pacific NW.
Milk Chocolate Candy Cane Truffle Cremes 10 Oz Box PACK Of 3
Bring the flavor of the season home with festive Candy Cane Chocolate Truffles. Velvety-smooth milk chocolate ganache with bits of crunchy, all natural candy cane is covered in premium milk chocolate to create this gourmet holiday treat.
Milk Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Cremes 10 Oz Box PACK Of 3
A wonderfully delightful raspberry chocolate piece wrapped in colorful pink foil. We flavor the center with essence of real raspberries and enrobe it with a blend of West African and Ecuadorian cacaos (35%).
Milk Chocolate Peppermint Truffle Cremes 10 Oz Box PACK Of 3
Pure oil of peppermint, milk chocolate ganache and milk chocolate couverture create a melt in your mouth mint truffle in bite sized form.
Coffee Trio Truffle Cremes In Chocolate 10 Oz Box PACK Of 3
Delight in the bold flavor of fresh roasted coffee united with fine chocolate blends. Creamy milk and dark chocolate with bits of crunchy espresso beans, roasted in house.
Peppermint Truffle Creme Seattle Skyline 4 Oz Box PACK Of 4
Delicious bite-sized peppermint chocolate truffles packaged in a beautiful Seattle Skyline gift box. A tasty Emerald City souvenir made of all natural ingredients.
Dark Chocolate Ephemere Truffle Cremes 10 Oz Box PACK Of 3
Ephemere Double Dark Chocolate Truffle Creme Formula is a wonderfully delightful dark chocolate piece, wrapped in elegant black foil.
Toffee Crunch Truffle Cremes In Chocolate 10oz Box PACK Of 3
Bits of rich, crunchy butter toffee blended with creamy milk chocolate ganache make the decadent truffle center of these bite sized truffles. Each candy truffle center is coated with premium milk chocolate couverture.
Sweet Resistance Gift Box 12 Piece Caramels And Nut Clusters
Just try to resist this sweet assortment of Caramels, Toffee and Nut Clusters drenched in the finest Milk, Dark and White Chocolate. Delight in the gourmet variety and exquisite tastes.
Galaxy Chocolate Gift Box 12 Piece Milk And White Chocolates
This deluxe assortment of Dilettante's finest Milk and White Chocolate is out of this world. Decadent truffles, nut clusters, chocolate covered cherries and more...
Champagne Chocolate Truffles 6 Piece Gift Box PACK Of 2
Creamy chocolate truffles made with real Marc de Champagne and coated with milk chocolate in the Romanov style. Packaged in a beautiful artisan gift box and topped with a delicate bow.
1 Lb Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Assortment 32pc By Dilettante
Treat the one you love to an extra special gift. This 32 piece assortment features the most scrumptious of our chocolate truffles packaged in an elegant silver gift box.
Discoveries Gift Box 12 Piece Milk And Dark Chocolates
Discover the decadence of Dilettante's Milk and Dark Chocolates. This gourmet chocolate assortment features mouth-watering truffles, caramels, nut clusters, and more.
Majestic Chocolate Basket With 60 Gourmet Chocolate Truffles
An edible chocolate basket filled with 60 of Dilettante's decadent, handmade chocolate truffles, toffee, caramels and more. An impressive gift for any party or group gift.
Milk Chocolate Heart Candies 7oz Gift Bag PACK Of 3
A delicious assortment of milk morsels in dainty heart shapes. Show your love with these tasty treats.
8 Oz Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Assortment 16pc By Dilettante
This beautiful silver gift box is filled with 16 of Dilettante's finest handmade chocolate truffles. Our gourmet truffles make an elegant gift for that special someone. Topped with a hand-tied bow.
2 Lb Deluxe Chocolate Truffle Assortment 64pc By Dilettante
Made with the finest ingredients, this deluxe assortment features 64 of Dilettante's hand dipped truffles. The perfect gift for a large group of people. Milk, Dark, and White Chocolate Truffles.
Petite Chocolate Basket 5 Piece Chocolate Truffles PACK Of 2
Five of our most treasured handmade chocolate truffles nestled in a solid chocolate basket mold. A beautiful gift that's sure to make a delicious impression.
Flavors Of The Heart 7 Piece Chocolate Truffle Assortment
Show your love for that special someone with a selection of Dilettante's finest truffles nestled in an edible chocolate heart box. This one's sure to impress.
Rheingold Butter Pecan Toffee 8 Piece Gift Box PACK Of 2
Our exquisite English Style Toffee is made with 50% pure butter for a melt-in-your-mouth toffee experience like no other. Coated in premium white, milk and dark chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Dilettante Salmon
A Great Gift from the Pacific Northwest. Our Norhwest Trophy Dark Chocolate Solid Salmon.
Solid Milk Chocolate Salmon
Solid Gourmet Dilettante Chocolate in the shape of a famous Northwest Trophy Fish - the Salmon.
Blueberries In Dark Chocolate Dragee Pillow Packs
Deluxe dried blueberries in our premium dark chocolate. These delicious chocolate covered blueberries are made in special revolving kettles using only the finest coverture quality chocolate and premium dried fruit.
Raspberry Peanut Butter Toffee And Mint Truffles
Raspberry with Double Chocolate Truffles, Peanut Butter Truffles, Toffee Crunch Truffles, and Peppermint Truffles create a Chocolate Tasting Party from the heavens!
Dilettante Mocha Truffle Topping
Mocha Truffle topping by Chocolatier Dana Davenport, is the same mixture of cream, butter and chocolate found inside Dilettante's hand dipped truffles - without the shell. This topping is great on ice cream, or fresh fruit. You can also use Mocha Truffle Topping for cake frosting, fondue, or to create amazing hot ch...
Dilletante Ephemere Personal Semisweet Chocolate Sauce 22 Oz
The Semisweet Ephemere Sauce is a pourable variation of the Davenport family Ephemere Truffle formula. Ephemere Sauce made with semisweet chocolate is particularly balanced to provide the proper sweetness and chocolate flavor for your chocolate-coffee, espresso drinks. It is formulated for making premium Caff? Mocha...
Dilettante Bittersweet Chocolate Personal Ephemere Sauce
Dilettante Chocolate Personal Bittersweet Ephemere Sauce is a pourable variation of the Ephemere Truffle formula. Ephimere sauce provides a balance of bittersweet and acid combined with cocoa flavor notes and is not intended to be a sweet drink.
Dilettante French Carameled Cream Sauce
Carameled Cream is a pourable variation of the Davenport family French Caramel formula. It is formulated for making premium Caff? Caramello (Caff? Latte with Carameled Cream) and caramel-flavored Caff? Mochas, Caramel Milk, Ice Cream Topping, and elegant caramel Milk Shakes. Carameled Cream balances the bittersweetn...
Dilettante Chocolate Covered Almond Dragees In 12 Pk Display
Dilettante Chocolate Covered Almond Dragees. Dragees are created by our Master Chocolatier. Premium almonds and the finest couveture quality chocolate form the special chocolate covered candies known as Dragees.
Dilettante Halloween Chocolate Foiled Pumpkins
Give these specially packaged festive Halloween Foil Wrapped chocolates to your special ghost or goblin for a sweet chocolate treat.
Dilettante Assorted Truffle Cremes
Dilettante Truffle Cremes Assorted Flavors - Four of your favorite of Dilettante Truffle Cremes flavors (Peppermint, Toffee Crunch, Ephemere & Mocha) in a convienent wheel of flavors.
Dilettante Ephemere Dark Chocolate Truffle Topping
Truffle topping by Chocolatier Dana Davenport, is the same mixture of cream, butter and chocolate found inside Diletante's hand dipped truffles - without the shell.

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