Artisan Sea Salt Caramels
A very sophisticated and fun combination of exotic caramel flavors, each paired with rare and unique sea salts, enrobed in 70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate
Posh Truffle Collection
Posh Chocolat Complete Truffle Collection
Kopper\'s Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans Mix 5lbs
Gorgeous assortment of six different chocolate covered espresso beans
Camille Bloch Cafe Milk Chocolate Bar
Fine Swiss Milk Chocolate with Ground Coffee Filling, This product is certified Kosher under the strict supervision of Rabbi Asher Yaakov Westheim, Manchester, England. Dairy Chalav Yisroel
Chocolove Coffee Crunch
Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate 55% cocoa content
Classic Collection Boxed Assortment 20pc
Classic confections with the Charles Chocolate touch.
Mocha Java Bar
Mocha Java pieces with bittersweet chocolate
16 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles
Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
GODFATHER Italian Espresso Almond And Rum
The fudge you can't refuse: handmade dark chocolate fudge with Italian espresso, almond and rum.
CUPPA JOE Dark Roasted Italian Espresso Fudge
Jonesing for something java? Italian espresso in handmade dark chocolate fudge.
White Russian Truffles
With our White Russian Truffles, we take the traditional White Russian mixture of coffee, liqueur, and cream and encase it in a hull of dark chocolate to make a popular drink into a delicious dessert.
Chocolate Sampler Deluxe
Aroa Fine Chocolate Deluxe Sampler includes 25 pieces of chocolates enrobed in dark, milk, and white premium El Rey Venezuelan chocolate.
DoGoodie Espresso Bean Brownie 6 Piece Box
Indulge in six of our delicious Espresso Bean Do-Goodie Brownies baked with 100% All Natural ingredients, no preservatives and Real Belgian Chocolate chips.
Tiramisu Truffles
We concentrate the elaborate flavor of tiramisu into one truffle"coffee, cream, and cocoa in a chocolate shell that we dust with vanilla sugar.
Old World Truffle Collection
Posh Chocolat Old World Truffle Collection
Dark Chocolate Bar With Coffee Beans
Single Origin Ecuadorian Dark Chocolate Bar with crushed Brazilian coffee beans
Mother\'s Day Caramel Collection
2 Chicks with Chocolate's most talked about product! Our smooth rich caramels are really over the top this season with flavors such as Strawberry, Lemongrass, Drunken Vanilla, Blood Orange, Cabernet, and Coffee Caramel. This box is definitely one to impress and a MUST-HAVE for caramel lovers!
Los Angeles Triple Chocolate Cookie
Triple Chocolate Espresso Cookie with Walnuts and Pecans
Kopper\'s Mocha Coffee Lentils 5lbs
Coffee flavored chocolate discs encased in a sugar shell
Coffee Caramel Truffles
We mix sweet caramel with the smoky bitterness of espresso to make an intricate flavor combination that we then contain in a shell of milk chocolate.
24 Piece Espresso Chocolate Truffles
Toscano espresso creates a mocha experience with our chocolate ganache.
Chocolate Spoons
Our delicious Chocolate Spoons are perfect for any coffee, or hot chocolate lover! Six spoons to a boxed set, decorated with white chocolate drizzle and snowflakes. Your choice of all Milk or all Dark Chocolate spoons.
Avail. Upon Request
1 LB Cappuccino Meltaway Egg
Avail. Upon Request
Godiva Coffee House
Avail. Upon Request
Brewhaha Chocolate Gift Basket
Avail. Upon Request
Cup Of Chocolate Marshmallow Sticks
4 Sizes Avail
Avail. Upon Request
8 Piece Large Espresso Chocolate Truffles
Avail. Upon Request
Mocha Dark Chocolate Swirl Bark
Avail. Upon Request
Happy Birthday Sampler Gift Box


The Network is a local delivery network specializing in gourmet chocolate, truffles, and dark chocolate. We offer same day shipping on many gift boxes and gift baskets. With locations across America, our customers enjoy a variety of shipping options. We believe it makes sense to order chocolate from a shop near your gift recipient because the product is delivered fast and fresh. Please view our map of the USA to see our expansive chocolate shop network.
Creative and Uncommon
We are proud to offer a variety of artistic and specialty creations. Each chocolate shop and bakery in our network has its own areas of expertise. They are creative, and passionate, often offering less common items such as vegan chocolate and organic chocolate. At, you will find rare items that range from truffle bars to a box of chocolates that is nut-free, gluten free, and dairy free: Premium Chocolatiers Truffle Collection
Gift Giving
If you are looking for a fancy or elegant gift idea, please visit our chocolate gift boxes and chocolate gift baskets categories. Personalized gift cards can be delivered with every package we ship. We do not reveal the name of the gift buyer unless the customer includes it in a gift note. In consideration of gift presentation, we do not include an invoice in the shipping box.
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