Posh Truffle Collection
 2 Reviews
Posh Chocolat Complete Truffle Collection
NAKED HOTTIE Mexican Cinnamon Fudge
The only thing better than a Hottie? A Naked Hottie. Dark chocolate fudge with Mexican cinnamon.
CINNAMON Classic Large Bar
Cinnamon Toast Toffee 1/2 Lb Gift Box
 3 Reviews
Selected as one of The Best Fathers Day Gifts of 2009! Our signature, rich buttery toffee is infused with cinnamon, dipped in a Swiss milk chocolate couverture and topped with a cinnamon sugar blend. Our Cinnamon Toast Toffee was featured in FANCY FOOD MAGAZINE
Mother\'s Day Caramel Collection
2 Chicks with Chocolate's most talked about product! Our smooth rich caramels are really over the top this season with flavors such as Strawberry, Lemongrass, Drunken Vanilla, Blood Orange, Cabernet, and Coffee Caramel. This box is definitely one to impress and a MUST-HAVE for caramel lovers!
Block Party Almonds
Slow-roasted cinnamon candied almonds rolled in dark chocolate and dusted with cocoa powder.
1/2 LbCinnamon Sugar Pecans Gold Tent Gift Box
We cook our giant pecan halves with sugar and cinnamon to form a thin light sweet sugar crust. around the pecan.
1/2 LB Cocoa Pecans Gold Tent Gift Box
Our Cinnamon Sugar pecans are coated in an imported Swiss dark chocolate couverture and dusted with a Swiss cocoa. A wonderful intense dark chocolate flavor.
Avail. Upon Request  
Take a trip back to your childhood with these delicate cinnamon-sugar delights. Our snickerdoodles are just the right amount of sweet to satisfy any craving!
Christmas Gift Pack
Avail. Upon Request  
Christmas Gift Pack - Spice Tiles - Smells like Christmas in a box but tastes a lot different and really fun.
Cinnamon And Chili Peppers Hand Painted Dark Chocolate Bar
Avail. Upon Request  
Our Epice is a fiery dark chocolate bar that ignites the senses by combining hints of cayenne and chipotle chili peppers with the subtle complexity of Ceylon cinnamon. We then stir these spices into our rich 55% dark chocolate to create a mouthwatering explosion of flavor. Next, we carefully apply a breathtaking rub...
Royal Exotic
Avail. Upon Request  
16 exotic flavors that you willtruly enjoy

About is a unique online chocolate marketplace featuring chocolate shops across the USA and Canada. Our chefs and confection experts have come together under one virtual roof to offer a wide range of artistic gourmet creations: Truffles, cakes, gift baskets, dark chocolate, cookies, etc. Each chocolate company has their own area of expertise. Based on the fact that they are scattered around the map, our network allows us to provide local gift delivery. caters to the gift buyer: select specific delivery dates for a birthday, or an anniversary. Include a gift note to say "thank you" or "congratulations." When you send chocolate from, you are not alone. Our customer support team will help you track the package, confirm delivery. Sending chocolate to a long list of recipients? We can help. If you provide us with your spreadsheet, we can load all of your addresses into one order. If you have special requests or ordering needs, just contact us and we will help you. Thank you for shopping at!


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The Global Chocolate Network is a network of shops offering product variety and local delivery. We feature chocolatiers and bakers that have a distinct creative touch. As a result, our product selection boasts a variety of ideas, ingredients, and styles. We offer popular items such as truffles, dark chocolate, and gift baskets. But we also offer unique items that will bring a delightful surprise to your loved one. We know that sending a gift requires several things: You need the right type of chocolate, packaged beautifully, to be delivered on a specific date with your gift message included. Our goal is to make this happen for you. Thank you for shopping with us.
Thank you for such great customer service! - Jenna McGrath from Poulsbo, WA