Sizzling Bacon Bar
 4 Reviews
A bar made with 41% milk chocolate, bacon, smoked sea salt and popping candy.
Artisan Sea Salt Caramels
 5 Reviews
A very sophisticated and fun combination of exotic caramel flavors, each paired with rare and unique sea salts, enrobed in 70% Ecuadorian dark chocolate
Pig Candy
 2 Reviews
Whole crispy fried bacon stips, dipped in either milk or dark choclate. Need we say more???
Maple Bacon Lollipops
Maple/bacon lollipops are a variation of our critically acclaimed tea & honey lollipops. We brew a smoked tea to enhance the bacon flavor and substitute pure maple syrup for the honey in our regular recipe. Suspended in these amber-hued treats are bits of[yes, that's right] real bacon! Breakfast on a stick!
Pig Out Package
Pig Out! This aptly named collection features 1/3 lb. of our critically acclaimed Pig Candy, 1/3 lb. of Bacon Buttercrunch and a bag of our BaCorn, homemade caramel popcorn with candied bacon bits and chile-spiked roasted red-skinned peanuts. Yum!
Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies 6 Pack
Avail. Upon Request  
1/2 Dozen - Chocolate Peanut Butter Bacon Cookies 
9 Pieces  Exotic  Gift Box
Avail. Upon Request  
NEW: Exotic box COMPRISE of TRENDY NEW FLAVORS like: 3 Chili Apricot, Bacon, Red Beans, Korean garlic and Greek Kalamata Olive

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