72 percent cocoa

Jamaica 72 Percent Cocoa With Blue Mountain Coffee
The Ingredients: Cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter, Blue Mountain coffee (2%) Tasting Notes: Distinct Blue Mountain coffee harmonizes with the intense notes of the chocolate.
OCUMARE Venezuela 72 Percent Cocoa
The Ingredients: Cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Tasting Notes: Very close to what chocolate should taste like...namely chocolate and nothing else. Aroma: crusted caramel with spicy fern, humus and a strong leather backing. Texture: muddy for good rear molar chew. Flavour: chocolate tannins thunder across the palat...
TRINIDAD 72 Percent Cocoa
The Ingredients: Cocoa, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Tasting Notes: Aromatic bouquet of cocoa with soft notes of citrus and tropical fruit.
Grenada 72 Percent Cocoa
Ingredients: Trinitario beans, cane sugar, cocoa butter. Tasting Notes: A symphony of flavours including buttery and woody notes. Smooth with less acid.
Plantation Menavava Madagascar 72 Percent Cocoa
The Ingredients: Organic cocoa, cane sugar and cocoa butter. Tasting Notes: Discreet acidity with lively bright flavours of spice and wild fruit.

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