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Send chocolate from - a unique marketplace offering handmade gourmet chocolate creations. Our products are available in attractive gift boxes and have the option for a gift note. Our chocolate shops are located across the USA. Each chef and baker has a creative touch and an area of expertise that is unique. When you send a chocolate gift, you might be sending a message of love, appreciation or happiness. We know how important that message is, and we guarantee that your order will be delivered according to schedule.
I liked the Dark choc first, the milk choc solid round next and the oblong creme fillings one last. - Martha Fehlker
 Mavrakos 4 Piece Assortment:4 piece assortment of a solid Mavrakos chocolate M, Coconut Crescent, Vanilla Bon Bon Cream, and chocolate caramel covered in Mavrakos Chocolate
 4pc Gourmet Pretzel Mixed Case With Moms Mix:~ Ordering quality you can see & taste with Mom's Rod Gift Case it is the perfect way to have Gourmet Pretzel Rods around your home or office for a quick and easy treat ~
 Gluten Free Vegan Blueberry Quinoa Muffin:Gluten Free, Corn Free, Vegan and Organic. blueberry quinoa muffin.
 Raspberry Raw Cacao Bar Case Of 6:Our luscious bittersweet raw cacao chocolate gets a delicious dose of organic raspberry for an amazing chocolate experience you will love! Certified organic, vegan and kosher parve. All free of dairy, soy, refined sugar and gluten.
 Zero Point Mint Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate: Sacred Heart Zero Pointe Mint 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is a special raw organic vegan chocolate designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues such as diabetes. It is a simple peppermint dark chocolate which uses organic ERYTHRITOL (similar to Xylitol) as a sweetener. Erythritol is considered to register...
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 Marou Single Origin 8 Pack Sampler:The Marou 8 pack contains two of each of the dark chocolate bars: Tien Giang (70%), Lam Dong (74%), Ba Ria (76%), and Ben Tre (78%).
 Piece Of Me:Why does everyone want a piece of me? All Natural, Kosher, Premium Milk Chocolate 34% Cocoa 3.5 oz.
 14pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box ''Chocolate'Aqua'':Filled with 14 mouth-watering Caramel wrapped, Chocolate dipped, Gourmet Pretzel Rods, you're sure to satisfy family, friends, and co-workers with something unique and tasty. Two box designs and hand-tied satin ribbon will impress others with your originality.
 Mom's Assortment Gourmet Gift Box ''Chocolate'Aqua'': This re-usable, multi-layer, designer Gift Box with Mom's Assortment means you can indulge in it all! Mom's Gourmet Pretzels, in every size, and a bag of Mom's Mix are all included. Choose from two designs to fit your gifting needs, both finished with hand-tied satin ribbons. Unique for any occasion, to have around the house or office,...
 Ears Look Slim:Everyone knows that tall ears have a slimming effect! All natural, Kosher, Premium Dark Chocolate 55% Cocoa 3.5 oz.
 26pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box ''Chocolate'Aqua'':This two-layer gift box is packed with 26 of Mom's Gourmet Pretzels in a variety of sizes. The perfect option when you just can't decide which of Mom's Gourmet Pretzels to send! Your family, friends, and clients will thank you. Now with two design options for the perfect presentation, finished with hand-tied satin ribbon.
 28pc Gourmet Pretzel Gift Box ''Chocolate'Aqua'': Two layers of Mom's Gourmet Pretzel Petites fill these attractive, re-usable Gift Boxes. Mom's Gourmet Pretzels make great gifts for any occasion and to have around the house or office when you need that little something. As a corporate gift it will impress clients with your originality and polished presentation. Finished with hand-tied...

The Fix 6 Plain Dark Chocolate Bars
 The Fix 6 Plain Dark Chocolate Bars:Pure, rich 66% dark chocolate. No harsh bitterness, just the deep chocolate goodness you need!
Single 8 Oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
 Single 8 Oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar:Our single 8 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate Peanut Butter truffle fudge bar. It starts as an incredibly luscious all-natural peanut butter and then we layer that on top of our classic semi-sweet chocolate truffle fudge. Then we cover it all in a chocolate coating, with no added nuts. Lovers of this classic combination won't be disappointed.
Christmas Holiday Gourmet Extravaganza
 Christmas Holiday Gourmet Extravaganza:Whether you want to bring tears of chocolate joy to a crowd or are simply looking for the "wow" factor, this gourmet extravaganza will surely impress. A golden market tray is overflowing with gourmet chocolatey goodness. Container may be substituted for silver or another item of similar look and value.
CROCO Style Gift Box 72 Pieces
 CROCO Style Gift Box 72 Pieces:72 pieces of French, fresh, Hand made, no peservatives artisan chocolate.
Marsatta Organic Mocha Bits
 Marsatta Organic Mocha Bits:Exquisite Organic Dark Chocolate Mocha Bits flavored with classic Sumatra Coffee. Single Origin, Shade Grown, and Fair Trade.
Rocalicious Carmel Apple
My Carmel Apple was extremely delicious! The chocolate was soft and paired perfectly with all the other ingredients!  - Laura Zipperian
 Rocalicious Carmel Apple:This is the most YUMMY candy apple you will ever sink you teeth into! A perfect crisp green apple rolled into almond roca: toffee, white & bittersweet chocolate - amazing combo of flavors! FRESH, homemade.
Imperial Indecision
 Imperial Indecision:Description: Milk, Dark and White chocolates with Assorted filling of truffles, nuts clusters, luscious fruits,chocolate cover layers of praline and biscuit wafers.
Perugina Baci 28pc Gift Box
I love baci its delicious - Donatella Dent
Sun Sweet Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate
 Sun Sweet Sacred Organic Raw Chocolate: Sacred Organic SUN SWEET 1.44oz Perfect Golden Spiral Heart is a special RAW ORGANIC VEGAN chocolate designed for people who are concerned about blood sugar related issues such as diabetes or yeast issues such as candida. It is a simple dark chocolate which uses INULIN from Jerusalem Artichoke as a sweetener. INULIN is a long chain polysaccharide...
One Piece Box
 One Piece Box:A luscious truffle center. Milk, white and dark chocolate.
Dark Chocolate Chili And Cranberries
This chocolate is amazing. I think it may be the best chocolate I've ever had. The spicyness is intense in a really good way. I can't get enough of this. - Sabrina Eveland
 Dark Chocolate Chili And Cranberries:Dark Chocolate, Chili and Cranberries - Hot & Spicy - All Natural
Single 8 Oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar
 Single 8 Oz Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar:Our single 8 oz. Semi Sweet Chocolate truffle fudge bar. We call our original fudge "Chocolate", although there's nothing simple about it, other than the fact that it's simply delicious. It's made with semi-sweet chocolate (53% Cacao), and it's unlike any other fudge - we call it the original, classic and best for a reason. This bar is without nuts.

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