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 ChocoMel Bites 25pc Nutty Basket:Assorted Bites. Cute small cup shaped white chocolate & milk chocolate filled with walnuts & peanuts in centre.  Chocolates wrapped with colorful  wrappers, Gift boxed in a clear case like basket. No preservatives or artificial colors. 
These caramels are absolutely wonderful!! They were a great mothers day gift!  - Leeanne shelley
 Mother's Day Gift Tower Of Caramels:The perfect gift for Mom - our tower of delicious treats. Packaged perfectly, AvenueSweets Mother's Day Gift Tower includes a half pound each of our Dark Chocolate, Golden (Vanilla) and Pecan Caramels.
 Caramel Lover's Giant Fortune Cookie:A Giant Fortune Cookie Hand-Dipped in Rich Caramel & Decorated with Delicious Caramel Bits! A Unique Gift For Caramel Connoisseurs!
 Caramel Toffee Giant Fortune Cookie:One of our year-round Best-Sellers and perfect for Summer Shipping! Packed with Heath® Toffee Bits over a thick layer of rich caramel.
 Experience Summer:Experience the summer season on the beach with cool pina colada filled pineapples, key lime sea shells, tropical fruit filled swans, refreshing lemonade in dark chocolate, and orange cream butterflies!
 Gourmet Peanut Butter Pillows 1/2 Lb Tent Box:If you like Butterfingers you will LOVE our Peanut Butter Pillows! Our handmade light flakey peanut butter confection is outstanding. This product is all natural, dairy & gluten free.
 SUPERFRUIT Snack Size Bar:An irresistible and healthy on-the-go treat with a quite extraordinary taste experience. 65% Dark Cocoa with Pomegranate, Cranberry, Papaya and Grape seed extract.
 Petite Sweets Tower:When you wish to send a little love, send this little tower. Standing 11" high, this three box pink and red dotted tower is filled with delectable miniature cookies. Tower includes eight miniature heart-shaped sugar cookies drizzled with bittersweet chocolate, sixteen miniature Chocolate Toffee cookies, and twenty-four miniature Chocolate Chunk cookies.
 William Dean 10 Piece Box:10 piece box of our award winning artisan chocolates.
 16 Piece Chai Tea Chocolate Truffles:Organic masala chai infused chocolate truffles, fragrent, spicy, deep.
 William Dean Chocolates 5 Piece Boxes:5 Piece Signature Box of our award winning artisan chocolates
 Gourmet Vegan Caramel Corn 1/2 Lb Bag:This is not your ordinary Vegan Caramel Corn. Our light airy popcorn is coated with our secret handcrafted vegan caramel glaze. This product is all natural, vegan & gluten free.

16 Piece Coconut Chocolate Truffles
 16 Piece Coconut Chocolate Truffles:Coconut cream is subbed out for dairy cream in this chocolate ganache creating a fantastic coconut flavor.
Father's Day Gift Basket
 Father's Day Gift Basket:A perfect gift for your Dad this upcoming Father's Day! Includes Chocolate Covered Pretzels, Foiled Milk Chocolates, and a #1 Dad Lollipop in a ceramic, decorated pot.
Quart Craft Pail Of Caramels
 Quart Craft Pail Of Caramels:Our clear craft pail filled with delicious Golden (vanilla) and Dark Chocolate caramels!
Organic Gardener
 Organic Gardener:Organic Gardener Organic Gift Baskets
Celebrate Hanukkah Gift Box
 Celebrate Hanukkah Gift Box:This Blue and Silver decorated gift box is filled with fresh and crispy organic fruit and an a array of Kosher treats...
Got Milk Chocolate Flavored Straws
 Got Milk Chocolate Flavored Straws:Our got milk? Chocolate Flavored Straws work like magic to turn any glass of wholesome milk into a delicious chocolaty treat! Just sip the milk through our got milk? Chocolate Flavored Straw and let the cocoa beads inside the straw do the rest.
Almonds Candied By The Pound
 Almonds Candied By The Pound:Almonds candied and sprinkled with cinnamon presented in two bags within a gift gift box.
Pecans Candied By The Pound
 Pecans Candied By The Pound:Large pecans candied in a gift box.
Brittle With Peanuts In A One Pound Gift Box
 Brittle With Peanuts In A One Pound Gift Box:Brittle with peanuts distributed throughout presented in a gift box.
Earthquake Cake
 Earthquake Cake: You have never had a cake quite like this before! Buttery, dense chocolate cake is drenched in Stolichnaya (TM) vodka to give it a moistness and flavor that will jolt your taste buds! Each cake weighs 4 oz. and can feed anywhere from one serious chocoholic up to four, if you must share! Served with a dollop of whipped cream, a scoop...
Ten One Piece Macaron Wedding Favor
 Ten One Piece Macaron Wedding Favor: Let us help you make your special day a memorable event with these cute and colorful favor boxes. One macaron is packaged in a clear 1-5/8”x 1-5/8” plastic box, adorned with gold foil and tied with gold ribbon. Choice of 1 flavor : passion fruit, caramel fleur de sel, hazelnut, coffee, olive, black currant, lemon, rhum raisin,...
Gallon Craft Pail Of Caramels
 Gallon Craft Pail Of Caramels:Our clear craft one gallon pail filled with delicious Golden (vanilla) and Dark Chocolate caramels!

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