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129 Mother's Day Gifts Found
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 Sunflower Gift Arrangement:Our popular Sunflower Lollipops weigh in at about 1.4 ounces each. This 12 assortment is filled with Rich milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate. A perfect gift this time of year. Basket may vary in color.
 Lavender Relaxation Gift Box:This beautiful cobalt blue gift box holds everything needed to recreate a pampering day at the spa. Lavender scents soothe body and soul...
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 Baby Carriage Chocolate Lollipop Gift:Its a Boy Ceramic Baby Carriage Music Planter. Filled with our rich and creamy milk and white chocolates. Music planter measures 7 x 3.75 x 3.5. Brahms Lullaby, turns on or off.
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 Kit Kat Bouquet:Contains six large Kit Kat's and twenty-three fun size. This bouquet is finished off with a full bow.
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk White Chocolate Swan Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of required ship date. These beautiful white chocolate swan truffles are filled with an extraordinary ganache made with milk chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and fresh cream. Delightfully crisp on the outside and so creamy on the inside. Our white chocolate is of the highest quality and not overly...
Absolutely delightful!! My 3 favorite things (mango, orchids & chocolate) all rolled into one. Presentation was great. For a second thought they might be real orchids. Taste was wonderful. Would love to have more! May drop a hint for Mother's Day!! - Carolyn Ondrusek
 Mango Bouquet:Three edible mango orchids are individually wrapped in clear cellophane and presented in a clear coursage box.
great party favors for the luncheon for my mom's 102nd birthday! - Lucy Tauber Brysk
 Creek House 2 Pc Heart And Swan Truffles: These are two of our best selling truffles.  The swan is covered with ultra premium white chocolate, made with cream and not powdered milk. The crisp outer shell contrasts beautifully with the creamy milk and dark chocolate ganache center.  The heart boasts a bittersweet chocolate covering and a creamy dark chocolate center, perfect...
 24 Piece Seasonal Assortment: Dolce Bella's seasonal assortment will bring you a balance of white, milk, caramel and dark chocolate centers in beautiful hand-molded shells. The assortment is ever changing, with some of the ingredients coming from our own garden. Meyer lemon, mint, rosemary, lavender, and raspberry are examples of ingredients coming from our winter...
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 Orange Slices Covered In Dark Chocolate From France:Sweet orange slices of South of France covered on dark chocolate. 70% dark chocolate with all natural ingredients and without oils. Luxury gold satin ribbon.
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Lemon Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of ship date.  Enjoy the taste of  fresh lemons, and premium chocolate all enclosed in a lovely molded truffle. Lemon ganache filling contains fresh  lemon, cream, and white chocolate. The filling is enrobed in a perfectly tempered 72% bittersweet chocolate.  Our white chocolate (in the filling)...
 Creek House 100 Pc Bulk Milk Chocolate Espresso Truffles: Please order at least 2 business days in advance of shipping date. Beautifully tempered premium  milk chocolate outer shell filled with a luscious dark chocolate and espresso ganache. Milk chocolate and coffee pair so well together, and our centers are very creamy! Bulk packed in brown candy cups.  For optimum freshness:  Keep in a cool...
 Snickers Bouquet:This Large size Snickers Candy Bouquet contains: 23 fun size candy bars and 11 regular size candy bars to make up the base. This is a great gift for that Snickers Lover!

Rainbow Fortune Cookies
loved these - Tara kelsey
 Rainbow Fortune Cookies:Rainbow Fortune Cookies are a delightful way to bring good fortune to any celebration!
Amano Chocolate 4 Bar Sampler
So much fun to do our own taste testings..... Thank you the chocolate was delicious. - Edward Schein
 Amano Chocolate 4 Bar Sampler: A sampler of Amano Chocolate's award winning 70% dark chocolate. Each chocolate bar is made out of the beans of a single plantation. Like vineyards with fine wine, fine chocolate has unique flavors due to the origin of the beans. This sampler of dark chocolate shows off the diverse range of flavors single origin chocolate can provide.
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French Praline Rochers  Creamy Milk Chocolate W Hazelnut
 French Praline Rochers Creamy Milk Chocolate W Hazelnut:Rochers- Fine artisan French chocolate praline in soft and creamy milk chocolate. Elegant gift box with luxury Christmas ribbon.
Mother's Day Chocolate And Caramel Pretzel Twists
 Mother's Day Chocolate And Caramel Pretzel Twists:A delicious chocolate hand dipped pretzel treat with just the right amount of crunch!
15 Oz European Winter Recipe Chocolate Bar And Wood Hammer
 15 Oz European Winter Recipe Chocolate Bar And Wood Hammer:15 oz European winter recipe chocolate bar and with elegant wood hammer to break the chocolate bar. Placed in a burgundy rigid box and brown satin ribbon. Made in France.
Chocolate And Macadamias
I rate these a 5! They combine 2 of my favorite foods...chocolate and macadamia nuts! They are delicious! - Margaret Masar
 Chocolate And Macadamias:Whole roasted macadamia nuts are coated in deep 41% milk chocolate with a touch of sea salt and a thin coating of cocoa powder makes this a perfect snack.
Hershey Bouquet
 Hershey Bouquet:This Bouquet has 23 fun size chocolate bars and 7 Large Hershey's Chocolate bars. We have finished it off with a full bow and wrapped it in a cellophane bag.
Mother's Day Chocolate Dipped Mini Krispies
 Mother's Day Chocolate Dipped Mini Krispies:An old time favorite- our Rice Krispies® Bites are dressed in Belgian Chocolate and hand decorated!
Mother's Day Gourmet Fortune Cookies
These are fabulous. I love fortune cookies and these dipped ones take the cake. Delivery was quick and they are delicious. You will not be disappointed. - Nicole
 Mother's Day Gourmet Fortune Cookies:Make someone fortune-ate this Mother's Day with our Gourmet Hand-Dipped Fortune Cookies!
Mangoes And Chocolate
The product arrived on time and was delicious. The quality of the chocolate was great and the mangoes were very fresh.  - Sydney
 Mangoes And Chocolate:Bittersweet chocolate dipped mangoes comes in an attractive take out box.
All Twizzlers Bouquet
 All Twizzlers Bouquet:This All Twizzlers Bouquet contains 8 large nibs packages and 34 fun size packages. This Bouquet is finished off with a Bow, and wrapped in a cellophane bag.
Xtra Large Reeses Bouquet
 Xtra Large Reeses Bouquet:This Xtra Large Reese's Bouquet is loaded with 12 Large Double packs and 12 Single packs of Reese's Peanut butter cups. This bouquet is finished off with a full bow and wrapped in a cellophane bag.

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