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397 Easter Gifts Found
  SORT BY has extraordinary chocolate confections created by our top-notch artisans from all across the country. Browse through these selections. You may not be able to resist!
 Easter Bunny Holding A Decorated Egg:Adorable milk free nut free hollow chocolate easter bunny rabbit holding a decorated egg. (6 oz.)
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 Easter Cookie Basket:This Easter Basket is chock full of delightful surprises, and will please recipients of all ages. The basket is chock full of 29 total assorted gourmet cookies, including five decorated spring-themed cookies. Peter Cottontail couldn't do a better job at delighting you!
 Easter Tray Of 36 Cookies With Candies: Send this gourmet cookie party tray for any special event or family party... Each tray can has 36 of our scrumptious gourmet cookies! Since each cookie is individually wrapped your guests can even take one home... Well, we usually see people put 2 or 3 in their pockets, so do not expect any cookies left over at the end of the day. This...
my husband loved it - Dawn becker
 Easter Chocolate Cake Truffles Gift Box: Why not give something completely different this Easter? This adorable treat has a secret combination of ingredients to make it insanely delicious. Our rich fugdy double chocolate cake recipe is mixed with just the right amount of cream cheese frosting; made into bite size treats; drenched in white chocolate coating; then embellished...
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This Zombie Rabbit was truly terrifying, not only was the appearance of the rabbit was AWESOME but the smooth white chocolate MELTED in your mouth. I really loved eating the ribs of the Zombie Rabbit. - Sophia Kim-O'Sullivan
 Zombie Peter Rabbit Chocolate Easter Bunny:Zombie Peter Rabbit is Sugar Plum's Classic Chocolate Easter Bunny with a Twist (ed), made of white chocolate and designed to be an original piece in your Easter Basket that will make kids and adults alike scream!
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 Easter Eggs Foiled Milk Chocolate:One pound of milk chocolate Easter eggs foiled in beautiful colors to brighten any Easter basket.
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 Easter Religious Cupcakes 12:Affordable and Delicious 12 Fudgy Chocolate Cupcakes Topped with Chocolate and Religious Easter Decorations.
 Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With Dark Chocolate Bunny:3 Sisters Chocolate's Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket with Dark Chocolate Bunny is just for the "big kid" at heart.
Chocolate was thick and rich, cookies were crisp and fresh. Tasted amazing and individually wrapped for freshness and to share. Unfortunately, had gotten a little melted in transport/delivery, then re-hardened so all the cookies were a little misshapen and the Easter egg decorations were all run together. Still excellent though. - Sara brunner
 12 Chocolate Covered Easter Egg Oreo Cookies:America's favorite cookie meets The Easter Bunny. What a perfect combination. Our adorable hand dipped and hand decorated chocolate covered Oreo cookies come individually wrapped. Choose milk or white chocolate. Oreo Cookies are a registered trademark of Nabisco Corp.
 Easter Cookie Gift Box With A Dozen Cookies: Our white Easter gift box has been a best seller since it was introduced. 1 dozen cookies and easter chocolate individually wrapped then placed in a clear sleave, tied with a ribbon and wrapped in tissue. What a great way to suprise any recipient for any occasion! Our cookies will surely enhance any celebration! Includes bonus holiday...
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 Chocolate Sea Shell Collection Kit:A walk on the beach is only a bite away! 0.96 oz Cello bag filled with 5 assorted mini chocolate shells. Tied with ribbon color of your choice. Available with or without Laketown Chocolates label.
 Kid's Easter Basket:Kid's Easter Chocolate Candy Basket

Easter Floppy Bunny Senior
It's extremely cute and out of the norm like all the other chocolate rabbits that I've viewed. It's packed carefully and the added touches (i.e. ribbon, candy egg, eye accents) make it unique. - Deborah B. D. Kensek
 Easter Floppy Bunny Senior:Enjou's Senior, Floppy Eared Bunny is over 1 1/4 pounds of delicious milk chocolate. Almost too cute to eat...Almost!
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Easter Egg White Pop 6 Piece
 Easter Egg White Pop 6 Piece:Fill your baskets with these lovely, tasty eggs!
Half Dozen Milkess Eggs
 Half Dozen Milkess Eggs:Half Dozen Milkless Eggs beautifully wrapped in three foil colors (Milk Free, Nut Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free)
Easter Bunny Pants
 Easter Bunny Pants: Our GREAT TAKE on the traditional Easter basket. This stylish basket in the form of bunny pants features the following Fruit Jelly Beans, Spice Jelly Beans, Solid Chocolate Rabbit, Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Eggs, Peanut Butter Egg, Speckled Malted Eggs, Easter Jubilee Mix, Solid Chocolate Foil Eggs, Milk Chocolate Coconut Egg, Chocolate...
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Easter Religious Fortune Cookie Pail
 Easter Religious Fortune Cookie Pail:6 Chocolate Dipped & Religious Easter Decorated Fortune Cookies in a Chinese Pail. 6 PERSONALIZED Fortune Option.
Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With Milk Chocolate Bunny
 Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With Milk Chocolate Bunny:Our Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket with Milk Chocolate Bunny is just for the "big kid" at heart. Each basket includes:
Handmade Chocolate Easter Egg Set
 Handmade Chocolate Easter Egg Set:Enjoy Handmade filled Easter Eggs from 3 Sisters Chocolate. This chocolate filled Easter Egg set includes one each of: Coconut Chocolate, Fruit and Nut Chocolate, Peanut Butter Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate and Triple Chocolate Truffle. Each packed separately in a gift box. Each handmade Easter Egg weighs approximately 5 ounces.
Peanut Butter Chocolate Handmade Easter Egg
 Peanut Butter Chocolate Handmade Easter Egg:Enjoy handmade Peanut Butter filled Chocolate Easter Eggs from 3 Sisters Chocolate. Easter candy is not just for kids anymore! Packed in a gift box.
Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Basket
 Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter Basket: This divine Milk Chocolate Bunny Easter basket is packed full of chocolaty goodness. Each basket contains: 1 six ounce solid chocolate bunny, 1 three ounce bag of chocolate covered popcorn, 1 four ounce bag of foil-wrapped milk chocolate Easter eggs and 1 Easter Bunny Chocolate Lollipop. Each basket is wrapped in cellophane and tied...
Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With White Chocolate Bunny
 Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket With White Chocolate Bunny:Our Chocolate Dreams Easter Basket with White Chocolate Bunny is just for the "big kid" at heart.
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Energy Powerhouse
 Energy Powerhouse:Basket full of nuts and dried fruits
Raspberry Filled Chocolate Easter Egg
 Raspberry Filled Chocolate Easter Egg:Rasberry Filled Handmade Chocolate Easter Egg from 3 Sisters Chocolate. We start with our creamy buttercream and ganache based raspberry filling and shape into an egg. Then, we enrobe the filling in our silky-smooth milk chocolate.

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