Gourmet Dry Fruit And Nuts Basket
This round wicker basket is abundant with dry fruits, nuts, and chocolates. It makes a perfect gift for any occasion.
Tu B Shvat Glass Plate Filled Dates Garden
Designer glass plate filled with assortment of dry fruits and chocolates. Fruits are dates, kiwi, mango, apple-flower, carob tree fruit or etrog. There is sour cherry gum in the ce
Tub Shvat Metallic Oval Fruit Bowl Filled With Dry Fruits
Oval shaped metallic fruit bowl filled with assortment of dry fruits. Dry fruits include pitted dates rolled with apples, pears, mango, flower-shape-cutted pineapple, with cranberr
Mangoes And Chocolate
Bittersweet chocolate dipped mangoes comes in an attractive take out box.
+ $2.00 handling
20 Pieces Of Gem\'s Favourites
Savor the rich flavors and velvety textures of 20 of our finest chocolates chosen from our collection of fresh handmade chocolates. Different varieties are available depending on t
5 Pieces Of Gem\'s Best
Enjoy 5 pieces of our finest, handmade chocolates selected from our vast collection. Flavors change seasonally due to availability of fresh ingredients.
Creek House 10 Pc Non Dairy Vegan Chocolate Truffle Collecti
Celebrate the season with this delightful, and sophisticated chocolate collection packed in a beautiful candy cane style box! All chocolate truffles are enrobed in 72% cacao bitter

Avail. Upon Request
Pate De Fruit Sampler
+ $3.00 handling