Dark Chocolate Nonpareils 1 Lb
Fresh wafers of our award-winning dark chocolate are topped with little white sprinkles and packaged fresh!
Malibu Pina Colada Shooters 8 Liquor Filled Chocolates
A taste of the tropics all around as chocolate and rum are both tropical creations. Now they come together in a great tasting treat. We start off with our white chocolate ganache a
+ $1.00 handling
Savory Aztec Dark Chocolate Bar
The Mayans and Aztecs discovered adding spices to the cocoa bean created a a great blend of the bitterness of the chocolate with spiciest of the tropics. We took their lead and bl
+ $1.00 handling
Coconut Truffles
Mimicking the natural look of the coconut, we take coconut cream and encase it in a shell of dark chocolate to create a little taste of the tropics in each truffle.
+ $2.00 handling