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Birthday Wishes Chocolate Gift Basket
A colorful mix of fruit candy and chocolate bars
+ $3.00 handling
6 Section Rainbow Assorted Flavored Popcorn
An exciting, eye dazzling gift tray consisting of a rainbow of 6 different colors of candy popcorn. Makes for a great favorite and a great gift for kids!
Rainbow Chocolate Arrangement
Designer's Glass plate filled with assortment of gourmet chocolates and Belgium truffles.
St Patrick\'s Day Stemmed Tin 6 Gourmet Cookies
Each gift is hand made to order and shipped with care. Our St Patrick's Day tin is a wonderful gift to send to your special recipient. What a wonderful gift to find at the end of t
+ $2.00 handling
Little Cottontails Easter Activity Easter Basket Blue
Send their favorite candy and fun all wrapped into one this Easter Season. This pastel spring hamper includes an all so soft & cuddly plush bunny, sidewalk chalk, Disney paint set
Gift Box To Say Happy Birthday
The Gift Box to Say Happy Birthday will surprise the birthday boy or girl with treats of all sorts! From the Happy Birthday Fortune Cookies to the milk chocolate birthday candles,
Chocolate Pot O\' Gold
You can find this edible pot of gold brimming with foiled chocolate coins at the end of our rainbow! A Chocolate Pot of Golden Chocolate Coins! Can you get any luckier than that?!
+ $2.00 handling

White Chocolate Rainbow Nonpareils 1 Pound Bag
Remember the fun of nonpareils at the movies? Now imagine them with rich and creamy gourmet white chocolate!
Colored Chocolate Ingots
Choclatique is more than just brown and white. Choclatique chocolate is a celebration of flavor and color. Our new colorful ingots prove there's a pot of gold in every rainbow. For
Rainbow Fortune Cookies
rainbow Fortune Cookies are a delightful way to bring good fortune to any celebration!
Tower Of Delight
We've hand-decorated layer upon layer upon luscious layer of more than 110 pieces of our signature, award-winning Choclatique Chocolates and placed them in our original rainbow tow