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Collection 16
16 Unique chocolate compositions showcasing a variety of exceptional ingredients.

Jer\'s Chocolates Signature Blue 1lb Box Of Assorted Flavors
Take your taste buds for a trip through this big beautiful one pound box of our gourmet, chocolate peanut butter truffles in our Signature Blue gift box...The box is filled with an
Chocolate/Caramel Truffle Fudge Bites With Hawaiian Sea Salt
Four 1 oz truffle fudge bites of delicious semi-sweet chocolate, with a luscious layer of natural caramel, coated in chocolate and topped with exotic red Hawaiian Alaea sea salt.
+ $3.00 handling
Jer\'s Chocolates 12 Pack Of Toffee Break Bars
Jer's Chocolates Toffee Break dark chocolate peanut butter bars are a rich buttery treat!  We've combined our premium peanut butter with the finest toffee to create a tasty center
Avail. Upon Request
Valentine\'s Artisan Hearts
+ $3.00 handling