24pc Nut Free Maple Creams
+ $3.00 handling
Maple Walnut Fudge Half Pound
We start wtih our smooth vanilla fudge and mix in the right amount of natural maple flavoring together with whole English Walnuts and voila, you got one of our favorite fudges.
+ $1.00 handling
Mackinac Fudge Spring Gift Box
Three slices of delicious Mackinac Fudge,Chocolate Walnut,Chocolate Peanutbutter and Michigan Maple along with six of our Gourmet Milk Chocolate covered Oreos in festive spring foi
Nicobella Maple Nut Munch
Maple-Nut Munch is a deliciously healthy snack made with 72% organic and Fair Trade dark chocolate, maple coated pecans and just a touch of sea salt. Do your taste buds love sweet
Munch 3 Pack Omega CocoNut MapleNut Munch
1 each: omega munch, coco-nut munch and maple-nut munch, each bag 2 oz
Designer Donuts Indulgence
People love doughnuts because there are so many wonderful flavors from which to choose. There's warm glazed doughnutsthe flavor that made Krispy Kreme famousfrosted vanilla, cherry

Avail. Upon Request
1 LB Maple Nut Egg
+ $3.00 handling
Avail. Upon Request
Chocolate Fall Gift Arrangement
+ $2.00 handling
Avail. Upon Request
Assorted Chocolate Autumn Centerpiece
+ $2.00 handling